Zappl Encrypted Private Chat Teaser

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Zappl Encrypted Chat Teaser

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More chat Teasers coming soon!

Those of you who might be interested zappl is allowing people to invest in Zappl inc. If you're interested please check out the link below.

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Looks very nice :) So at what stage are you? When can we expect a release?


On the app oh its basically done, we are just waiting on some third party stuff. Chat isnt finished yet so it will likely launch a week or so just after the release of zappl.

Good news for hear us @zappl. Please let me know what kind of chat treasures coming on??
Have a glorious day!!!
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Thanks @kingsberry for the Uv and Rs!

Thank you for posting @zappl.

Appreciate the incoming information......

Keeping Steemians updated is a

We are ready for the launch. Cheers.

Zappl chat seems great! Wow that's awesome! Hope you will release the new version soon!



Cheers! @theguruasia

@zappl - OMG Sir, it's fantastic. I really like it Sir <3 Nice you decided to share it Sir. Can't wait too long Sir <3

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Good to see you back here @steemwija getting closer!

Nice app. I'm interested.


Glad to hear.

amigo #resteemia at your service

encrypted private chat... sounds good. nice video @zappl

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this is looking really interesting from the teaser !!

this teaser is very cool great work

Hope we can see the app soon in the app store :)

oh i am loving it :D

Good news for hear us @zappl. Please let me know what kind of chat treasures coming on??
Have a glorious day!!!

Can't wait for this!

grate video...thanks for sharing.....

Can't wait for all this to go live!

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wow just saw it and it looks excellent !!

Zappl chat feature is interesting one !


It is!

this feature is looking very nice from the teaser

I am eagerly waiting for the launch and chat with my friends.

Glad I found this here. I am also looking for similar app like utox and wire. This is an awesome project! Thanks for sharing. @zappl.
Same release for mobile version?