Zappl Don't Upvote Everything Anymore.

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Users have asked why posts are being missed for upvotes. 1ST: You're not providing value to the network. 2ND: You made a post when the bot was recharging. 3RD: You're on the voting black list for abuse. 4TH: Possibly missed by error.


thanks for sharing, when useful for user @zappl

that is what be my question a few day before. in future i will post just when the bot activating. it is good for me i guess. Thanks @zappl for your updated info

great info @zappl. that is be great answering for many people. thanks

it sure be the user on carefully when the try to post anything. great info bos @zappl

that is so usefull info and break my refuse before. now, i know why i have not some upvote on my posting. great info @zappl

good [email protected] zappl. one question, why my post which i posted in 3 hours before @zappl bot active. But when the @zappl bot active, why my posting have not get the upvote. That is not fair i guess.

that zappl for posting your post. that is so good caused i can ask anything to you. Why sometime you did not give voting to the user's comment? that is which the user as me always waiting long before @zappl active to give some vote. i hope in future the user's comment must be gave an upvote. Thanks a lot @zappl if wanna to hear me.

ibale501 (41) good thinking sir.

Because it either upvotes a comment or a it upvotes a post, the same goes for you. If you made a comment it likely your comment was upvoted.

i agree with you @oppof5. But that is not be answeirng of my question. i still refuse why the zappl inc did not upgrade they zappl's platform or apk ? Caused the procesing still slowdown. Sometime i can not post anything to get upvote from zappl caused the slow [procesed. For @zappl when you will resolve it???

This isn't an Apk issue its a connection issue between you and a zappl server. Some servers are still being ddosed.

Thanks for sharing usefull and informative post, good luck

very wise, hopefully the future of zappl system is stable and the application is developed for the smooth use ,, thanks @zappl

Mita vote comment dari @zappl nyeuh...

Soe tuoh kadang meuraseuki haha

Hahahahaa yayaya..
Good luck

thanks for valuable information.....

Oh that is great information.
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Isnt getting traffic the first priority and quality comes secondary. If its not so then we need a basic checklist here.

interesting and very useful visitors @zappl, thanks, I want to ask about (you do not give value on the network) that's what it means, please enlightenment @zappl

Upvoting others content other than your own.
Commenting on posts other than your own
Rezapping content from other users
Making posts on the platform that aren't re uploads of the same content, or stolen images from google.

thank @zappl very helpful

thank you on the information @zappl it has always been the best.

OK, now I understood [email protected] zappl

great work zappl. everyone need that information. this is very helpful for everyone.

Saved a few drafts but they were gone when I was supposed to post them.

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Thank you for the information, could you tell us who is on the black list for abuse? just to get a heads up?

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Meunan lah @zappl
Beu na koordinasi ngen kamo jd hana bertanya2 wate hana ka vote
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thank you on the information @zappl it has always been the best.good luck @zappl

Thanks you @zappl sir for answering this, i cordilly love you in deep my mind

Great share mr @zappl ..thanks

Terimaksih atas informasinya.

Prioritize your customer satisfaction zappl ..

There should be no need to miss, because everyone who uses the zappl application contribute develop zappl to go forward.

We have prioritized it, But every posts isnt going to get an upvote. There is thousands of users the voting needs to be spread out to people who deserve it.

But you do not notice me,
Look at how many posts I have done when you are active, but why ignored?

Hi @zappl,please answer me ,,
Why I do not get the vote even by posting it when you are active, is not that a violation of your own terms .?

I should not be skipped up to six posts without sound, I should be able to get at least one vote in order to get justice and in accordance with what you said earlier that you will vote for everyone ..

thank you on the information @zappl it has always been the best.i love @zappl

this is our pleasure to you that you always give right way to answer, thanks again for your good response @zappl sir

thank you on the information @zappl it has always been the best.nice post for you @zappl

Copied sir @zappl

How does one know that they are been blacklisted?

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Best information @zappl

thank you on the information @zappl it has always been the best.

thank you on the information @zappl it has always been the best.

Hopefully zappl can clean up as soon as possible and can fix any shortcomings, Maybe because of the location of the shortage so there are still people who complain with the application zappl ...
hopefully a problem like this can be solved and no more people disappointed with zappl ..

zappl i have joined you in zappl. please accept my first post. I give the best for you.

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so this is @zappl who has been saying these people?
which people have been asking?
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Then which time is perfect for posting??

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Apakah perlu saya jawab mewakili zappl?

Jeut tgk,, neutulong cukeh cukeh laju siat pattoh yang galak hehe

is this what is said @zappl that all this people say. which people have been asking. who have been waiting for you?
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Hi @zappl..
How are you..
I ask u, why can not i post again in zappl application. please help me @yckifoundation

Zappl the best

I think zappl is right and right on target, I've also observed so far, anyone who does not get the votes from zappl, and that's true as described above, but what I observe people who do not get votes from Zappl mainly because 2ND makes posts when Bot is refilled .. Thanks

Zappl is the best 👌👌👌👌

Thank @zappl
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Good your post and nice

Zappl should be more advanced and not to make application users feel disappointed for not getting appreciation from you ..
The good post can get a better upvote anyway so everyone is competing to do something good, so this zappl application will continue to develop into a very good ..

Zappl can't pay every post, there is thousands of posters.

Hi @zappl ,, I do not expect your application out of this Steemit,,.
You have made thousands of people waiting for you, please do not disappoint them, they do not want you to die this fast ..

That wouldn't be realistic.

Thanks for sharing informasi the your post

Thats good u cleared all question which is in the mind of all users .also tell when bot is charging and when it start upvote in your next informative blog good job

Things should be more clear to everyone now

Yeah,thanks for the information.

Very good info. Spesials for newbi must be read this post. Important.

I literally tried to post something more than over 100 times over 2 days at this point I am so frustrated with your platform that -I am done !

this post give us information

@zappl - You poor guys... this comment thread slays me. I feel for you.

I like the app, but can't quite get to it from chrome... please turn off your adblocker, which I disabled... but that's not the point.

I've got plenty on my plate with DLive and Steemit, and my normal social media presence. I can wait for the next release and the iPhone app.

Good luck and Carry On.

Content is the king !!!

92 votes for only $0.54 ? just ignore me, I am not (yet) a zappl user (because still wanting to write longer and featured-rich article) and found this post from a friend resteem

Thanks for shering @zappl thanks for you support me @zappl.

thanks for information @zappl

Yes, You made a post when the bot was recharging.
how to know the bot is not resting?

Thanks for your informatiom.
usually, how many clock bot work?

only got once hahah so no problem

You're rights... @zappl!! On.

None of the above 4 seems to be user problems. Isnt getting traffic is the first priority followed by quality control? If thats not so then there's need for a proper list from Zappl.

There is no need for a proper list because we just gave them. Also number 3 is user error because some people are being banned from votes because they are multi logging accounts are stealing people work and their posts are being reported.

Nice update,we cant upvote low rated content right.

hopefully the post's which has content get upvotes

Then, when the bot active?

it has to happen as there are many people already

thanks for sharing, when useful for user @zappl
zappl the best

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With an existing�@zappl�account application we have got a minimum vote of 0.6% Nevertheless we remain excited at steemit though sometimes there is a despair among our comrades who join this�@zappl

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