Zappl Beta is now live.

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Those who have been waiting for so long zappl is now live and in beta.

Do to review conflicts the apps will be delayed slightly, they will be coming out very soon! No later than November 5th 2017 we believe. Apple loves their 7-8 days review processes but likely android will be out much sooner.


There is some bugs that are currently happening but they are actively being worked on.
Please feel free to join our discord and telegram which you can find down below.


Don't login with any steem keys other than your posting key.


Video Guide coming soon!

The Zappl Team Our social media profiles and misc:

Twitter | Facebook | Discord | steemitchat | telegram
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@thedegensloth, @steemitqa, and @zappl

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Thumbs up for this. I'd seen your handle on the SMT group never knew u were coming out soon.


Wow it's really awesome @zappl! Thanks for sharing with us!

Big thumbs up!

please add support for "@" handles:



it already is supported currently its but once we fix it soon it will be


So do you have a separate steem-like blockchain?

I have zapped.

Other than size limitations, what is the difference between a zap and a post on steemit?!/zappl/gikitiki/testing-zappl-part-deux


Good point, I can see Zappl is going to be great, but I didn't expect my Zaps to appear on my Steemit account....not that I'm complaining!


We need some filters on Steemit to filter certain tags in order to use sites like zappl.


I figure people can just make separate accounts for zapple.


Great to see you have Zap'd!

Just tested it and despite my first submission not going through, it definitely shows promise!

Looking forward to some guides and tours. Couple quick questions & a bug you may be aware of.

  1. Does it support markdown?
  2. What’s the revenue split. I think 1.5% from what I saw in steemd, but I’m not sure if I’m reading it correctly...
  3. Bug - website names render as links in full post view but don’t render at all in the feed

Keep up the good work!


No support of mark down at all. This is micro blogging no need for any of that.


I wouldn’t want anything over the top! But if some simple styling like bold and italicize were possible that would interest me.

Any plans to incorporate the post title into the display? Also not common for micro blogs to be titled I know, but since it’s a mandatory field, users will put some thought into it and it could display well in a small manner, almost like a byline.

Congratulations you guys! You did it. Zappl looks awesome, small improvements needed, but I know you’ll get there. I’m going to commit to Zappin everyday. Come on everyone, let’s move this conversation over there!

This is super!

Great job, can't wait to take it for a spin!


Can't wait to hear what you think.

Happy to finally be Zapping ⚡️🎊🎉

that's really good man, thanks for this information....

Mazel Tov!


Thanks for giving me all guidelines...

Thanks again for the useful info @zappl

"Recommendation: Don't login with any steem keys other than your posting key."
That's a good update indeed! Great work friend!


Thanks for sharing
Upvote Resteem

I am glad to hear this news. Highly appreciated..

@zappl - Okay Sir, this update answered my last question... Nice you decided to share this update Sir.... To get more audience, I wish to ReSteem your post.

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

excellent update & nice info @zappl


Information is power. I got this information via steemspeak. Thanks buddy

Thanks for the information sir.

Would love to try this out :)


saw someone commenting about creating a new steemit account to use zappl since the Zappes come on the feed as I told You. What are Your thoughts about it?

Android app?

Edit: username should be automatically converted to lowercase.


will be fixed.

awesome!! I will give it a try later today :D

Upvoted. I'll be resteeming this now :)


This is actually pretty nice! However I would recommend you would put the recommendation to use posting key in the login page of Zappl.

For some users it might come as a surprise you should use the posting key.


Yeah we plan to do that.


Thanks, it's great this is already being handled :)

Thanks for this usefull information :)

Great zappl, i just made my first zap


Zap is loading. .😭

Glad to see you guys getting this beta out! Proud of ya!


Glad to see you here Matty! Looking forward to see you Zap on the other side! :)

Hey zappl,
Nice work sir

wooow it's very good information. thank's ;)

wow that's superb finally time to try it on :D


You been with us since the beginning happy zap'n!

Resteemed :-)

Trying it now. Will you have this listed TDS?

Nice work thanks for sharing :)

really nice post.

Thank you zappl team. Trying it out now to zap my first one.

I have just logged in there. And I don't know if I am convinced. Love the idea. The site even if still have some bugs is alright (look like twitter as expected). My main concerns are when it comes to flood the feeds on Steemit with shorts and more silly posts (Zappes, right?) because when it comes to use this type of Social Media it works pretty different from Steemit. Saw someone suggestion using a different and new account mainly (or exclusive for Zappl) - What are Your thoughts about it?

Now when it comes to bugs i am jumping on the discord to see what is going on... but have sent 1 Zapp and that is all i can see in my feed. Even if I saw here on steemit People that I follow Posting in there as well :P


Well for its spamming your feed most app's have the ability to add in app filtering currently like we are doing. So we can't do much about it but the sites and apps you use can do something about it.

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this is awesome update :)

please add support for "@" handles:


Hey @zappl
Nicely done my dear friend....
Thank you so much for sharing this good info...

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What do you mean by dont logging with steemit key except posting key?
I can only logging with steemit account password.

It's saying I can only post every five minutes, but I haven't posted there at all yet. On the plus side the site looks good.

Update: I managed a short post, but more complex ones with tags or link get the error. I see others using tags. I'm trying to figure out the logic of it.


Still having this issue?


It worked this time. Thanks.

Is the Follow button working? It doesn't change when I press it and all I see in my feed are my zaps. That may be because I already follow them, but then I would expect to see their zaps. I understand the site is very new, but I hope my feedback is useful.

Thanks for the Recommendation most important

Good job! I'm going to test it out :)

Wow! Nice! I'll test this new service and share my opinion. Cheers :)

Will try this out in a bit... have already heard and read a lot of good things about zappl

@zappl, I did a promotion for you, esp to the chinese group. Hope this helps to get the word out.

Design looks good. I'm looking forward to test it out. Thanks!


good work zappl team :)

Congratulations 🍾 with the launch
Can you share the invite link to your discord

unable to login. is there some special thing i need to know, i.e. doesn't work with adblock, some browsers that aren't supported, etc?


Upvoted. I'm using my @.... username - with and without the @. Plus posting key from Steemit. No luck!


FOUND IT! Use PRIVATE posting key together with username without the @


username without the @ did the trick. thank you ashridge!

Awesome, @zappl! Really looking forward to trying this out :)

Awesome! 👏

This would be interesting... I always thought how would it be if there's a twitter-like platform in steemit!!

Watching keenly! Kudos!

just the best experience everon zappl. the best place to be at alltime

Service Unavailable (13:05 Berlin Time, 24.10.2017)

"try after some time" is not a very encouraging error message...


I'm also getting the same message.

that's really good man, thanks for this information..//..//..//..//

Congratulations @zappl!
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im trying to login with my steemit user and posting key and its saying user not found


Use PRIVATE posting key :-)


Yea, I figured it out finally!! 🙏

im trying to login with my steemit user and posting key and its saying user not found

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that's really good man, thanks for this information..//..//..//..//

@zappl is it possible to set a feature for users to choose the visibility of our zaps on other platforms like Steemit?

I believe that if Zappl functions like Twitter, users are more likely to be zapping short and simple posts. If users want to post a long zap, Steemit would be a better platform because there isn't a 240 word limit to it. Or at least this is how I believe I want to use both platforms, Zappl and Steemit

@zappl is it possible to set a feature for users to choose the visibility of our zaps on other platforms like Steemit?

I believe that if Zappl functions like Twitter, users are more likely to be zapping short and simple posts. If users want to post a long zap, Steemit would be a better platform because there isn't a 240 word limit to it. Or at least this is how I believe I want to use both platforms, Zappl and Steemit


Zappl can do nothing about this only other apps can. We filter this content on our side so other apps can put app filtering on there side if they need to.

Happy to finally be Zapping ⚡️🎊🎉


Gald to hear it.

Happy to finally be Zapping ⚡️🎊🎉

I am having issues logging in. For username I have tried both with and without @. For password I have copied and pasted my posting key from my steemit wallet page. Zappl tells me "Username or password doesn't match". What is the proper form for the username (I'm using the name that is displayed at the top of the steemit login box that gets displayed when you change settings in steemit.)
Thanks for any help anyone can provide.


If you are using chrome try Firefox for the time being.



Using the unadorned username plus the private posting key, I was able to log in. Obvious once I figured it out, but lost on me in all the chaos of being a new steem user.


Ah yeah we plan to add a guide for sure, seems there is many people who have had the same problem.

Thanks for giving me all guidelines...

I'm getting for the last couple of days: You may only post once every 5 minutes. Not posted anything at all yet. Tried simple text content with noa pics etc

Luar biasa yang bersifat menarik pada informasi yang tersedia dalam media sosial tim zappl.
menjadi dukungan banyak orang dalam berprestasi..
Saya @mustafa.lpt dukung

how to increase vote ... help me !!

Hey there @zappl !

I seem to be unable to log in at the moment, but maybe i'm just being impatient...

I have been trying for 30 minutes and keep getting this weird message:


Try firefox