No Daily Posting Limits On Zappl

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Users keep asking, zappl has no daily posting limits. Other than the 5 minute wait time inbetween. Use the app as you see fit.


Glad to have heard of zappl in SteemSpeak ! My buddy loves it!

I have used zappl and it has a very easy-to-use interface.

Thank you for the information @zappl..
Please permit me to share.

Hi. I searched the Google Play Store for the app but I couldn't find it.
Is there a link I could follow to download it to my Android phone? Thank you.

Do you think that's not the app there, I mean the eSteem? Well, I think @zappl can clarify that for us.

I don't think so. eSteem is a seperate app on it's own. Maybe @zappl has an affiliation with them??
I dunno...

Here's the link to download:
Your device might not be compatible.

You're right. My device is incompatible. I need to get me an Oreo-powered Android. I'm sick of kitkat.

Hi @zappl, do not waste the opportunity to make your fans happy ,, Applications that you have developed should be forwarded to make Steemit more interesting ..😁.

I haven't used this app before, I will try downloading it in my lecture time and use it in my next post.

people ask, so far @zappl why not active again ....

Wow.. that is good news @zappl. Thank for this information.

good information

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Zappl hidup kembali selamat ya zappl.

wow you've writen so well. great info.

What is the reasoning behind the 5 minute wall?

Doesn't that go against the idea of using the application? I would think you would want more usage done with it.

Its only temporary till we can figure out a way to prevent mass abuse with image and video uploading.

Good to say. But the good project worth to it.

very good information. thanks @zappl

Thanks sharing

Thanks for the update!!!!!

you are so much informative.. you help us to learn..
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What is wrong with the title section in the posting site, it is not showing?

This is on purpose since zappl don't show titles we will be moving over to an auto generated format for title generation.

Thank you for your information @zappl

this is great thanks for sharing this update now time to zap :D

I love zapple..thanks sir for ur post

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I have noticed that now when I post on the web from Zappl that I can no longer add my own title. The title of my post is now Zappl Post plus a bunch of numbers. What happend and will this be fixed?

This is on purpose the site and apps don't show titles so there is no need to have one. For now on they will be auto generated.

hmmm. The problem for me is that it used to allow for a title and it would appear on my steemit blog properly. No it just shows the auto generated one on my steemit blog. I was using zappl to post almost exclusively and it was perfect. Now I don't think I can use zappl anymore because of how it messes up my steemit blog. I will have to go back to posting on Busy. The title is the most important part of any post. I understand what you have done but I dont think it is good considering that all of our Zappl posts show up on our steemit blogs. Also, the titles of our steemit blog posts are indexed in Google which is a really important thing for anyone using steemit to brand their business. Has anyone else had an issue with this? I'm really bummed because Zappl was a total gamechanger the way it was originally set up.

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