Just Because Someone Is intelligent Or Seems So!

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Just because someone is intelligent or seems so, it doesn't mean they have the required critical thinking skills that are required to be a leader. #zappl #JustAthought #life #logical #informed

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best thinking, zappl

You hit the nail on the head on this one. A leader requires more than critical thinking to pull it off.

Excellent post.
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Best work. thanks for sharing.
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Great thinkable point.

best thinking.
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Great work @zappl

best thinking and working

Thats true, there are 3 types of Intelligence IQ EQ SQ.
having a great IQ doesnt mean you will be good in the other 2.


Great work. thanks for sharing
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strange but excellent post

excellent post with work

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loved that ;)

Not everyone possess something called commonsense. Not everyone is meant to lead either; a degree doesn’t confirm intelligence either.