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RE: USI-Tech Due Diligence. Decided to test it out.

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From the information I gathered, they do have the software doing 100%automated trading. The trading software has been around for years in the ForEx area. Crypto was added recently. I have yet to see the crypto software in action, but have seen the forex.

As far as scam, I put a small amount of btc to test out their claims. So, I will see.

Live person when calling in support.

Will be posting updates as things unfold,


Yeah, HYIP. Good luck.

Thanks Team @steemtrail @trail and team

outstanding contribution. I am very impressed with your phrase (We are all different like the flowers in the garden growing bigger everyday) from all over the world and have found each other in steemit, stemeet has brought us to share history, culture, tradition and different environments.steemit has been worldwide in our minds to share. We each have different friends and family to know and share experiences. Different from different traditions. always looking from eye to eye. About what we do not see for an opportunity. I am also grateful for what has been built @Steemit for all of us. Opportunity to share what we love and learn new things and find interesting people. I hope here a lot of friends Greetings steemian all my new guidance

before I apologize to comment, because it does not match the topic. but I'm sure you're a good and caring person and I'm sure you're a good person too great certainly.
you love to travel, on the way you must have encountered abandoned children, I am sure you are a caring, loving and loving person for children
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Give a little smile (Save the children )

Dear @trail

I believe its good people and you've got the high concern of the poor like us. I like your post and it's not easy. I apologize if I have commented differently with your post, I believe you do understand and I believe your kindness.

I need your help, my life was in debt lilit. May I know, where should I ask for help. I don't have a job in the country and to this day I have no costs to get married.

Sorry my impudence, kan has pitted the unfortunate fate of me in your post

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Save poor countries
Save humanity and the future of the children.

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