You're Entitled to Your Own Opinion on Steemit

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Steemit - Where we're all entitled to our own opinion but some are just worth a lot more than others


So true!!!!

It's a pretty harsh reality check I guess haha
but that's how the real world works too unfortunately

It is all about the money and influence, more money more influence and you right "that's how the real world works too unfortunately"

The drunker I get... the more valuable my opinion becomes. Hence why I keep increasing my volume with every drink.

haha at some point you'll have to pass out

@traf - True. Exactly like the Animal Farm by George Orwell where "All animals are equal but some are more equal than the others!"



That is true. And sometimes it is said that not always the opinions with more quality are the most rewarded 😉

such is the world :)

Haha, this is great. You need to get some t-shirts made. :)

haha and hand them out at steemfest

haha i was expecting some long heartfelt post. got a good laugh tho

this account is dedicated to short 1 liners, memes and whatnot :)
not enough short content on here, they're more likely to go viral

Yes , it seems like that 😊

The opinion of the rich vs the opinion of the poor

Ya Exactly thats is true @traf

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True, but who determines what is valuable? People, of course. But still, it's currently just a few who gets to determine value here. Anyway, looking forward to when rewards correlates more accurately with generated value :)

Unfortunately, my opinion is worth it's weight in tears.

I disagree!!!

In this world where the common man is hardly more than a sheep and the second tier are more werewolves than they are proper wolves, those at the top are just short of gods.

Those with the power to withhold the truth and guard it with many billions of TNT worth of firepower, who're studied on how to massively manipulate human psychology at a worldwide scale, to make us willingly slave away so that they can live like kings. THOSE men and women are entitled to our opinions, not us...and, so far, lucky for us, they've mostly agreed between themselves to allow us "lower tiers" to live the illusion of being entitled to our own... up to a certain point.

After all, what are sheep among gods? Second-rate foodstuffs and third-rate clothing. That said, a happy sheep produces more of both.

All in my humbler

yes, I think we're on the same page, i was just making a joke out of it :)

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