My New ICO

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Raising funds for my new coin: Secure Cryptographic Anonymous Money

30% discount for early investors, don't miss out!


Will I get 10% of the premine as an advisor?

Sure!! Mate's rates, don't miss out!

Sweet, I'll bring a couple more mates with fake Twitter followers, mate

If that's the case then I also have 70k+ twitter followers(real), does that work???

No, they have to be fake!


I only charge 20% for marketing

you can have a further 20% discount!

Would love another 80% discount with my Swift Promotion And Marketing plan.

It reminds me of a coin called ripoff coin. I'm not sure if it's going to surprise you Traf but that coin turn out not to be false advertising. It delivered on its name.

I thought it had hit some exchanges but that would have been to good to be true.

haha good to see that at least some ico scammers have a sense of humor :)

Two contentious forks coming up already?!

Secure Cryptographic Anonymous Money Classic
Secure Transfers Efficiently And Leave

Where can we deposit what we can't afford to lose??

definitely, so double your money in no time!

Can I buy in with my own BS coins ?

oh certainly
i imagine this is how 99% of smt's are going to turn out

Haha I think you are right !

I lol'd. It's dangerous to go alone, take this vote.

Is it serious talk or joke, I'm really confused.

It is a joke

Ohh, I see. Thanks for the knowledge.👍🏻


Bit name :)

how it will work, will it happen on openledge ?

haha it's a joke
look at the acronym :)

Nice post.. Vote for you

hahaha nice @traf i'm all in

I have some smart ass coins to trade, only anonymous if you keep your mouth shut🤐

As long as it's based on the ethereum blockchain Im all in

Is there a youtube video to hype explain this?

How about 90 videos?

@traf - Lol. I will invest on behalf of my company Global Harvest Of Suspicious Trading and also spread word to my followers in certain countries in Africa for their expertise in Secure Cryptographic Anonymous Money since they are world leaders in that area!!



i wish to join,,thanks for reminder,,your post reminds me...i m going to invest,,thanks

I Don't Miss It.

I'm in. I can't wait to get some S.C.A.M!