Exiting an Elevator

in zappl •  last year

Every time I exit an elevator I rush out while grimacing and holding my nose, just to make the people who wish to enter wait for the next one for no reason

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Lol, that's messed up


well pressing all the buttons was getting old, so I had to come up with a new one


I bet there is some elevator hack that would override that. I just learned that there is a special combo for soda vending machines. It's like the Konami code for video games, but more geeky

You're such a sweet and consider it person :) Best wishes @traf


thank you

Haa @traf people learn new skills everyday and I will inform my kids when they grow up that this very skill I pass unto them was learnt from a wise old @traft👌

It could also be fun to not make any grimace and sneak out a fart before leaving. The people entering will frustrately try to figure out who is the farter inside the elevator - it's the perfect crime

You're witty AF


thank you, I just use to do this on twitter a lot

Lol.. Hahaha

we are messed up..

It is need

Seriously man? You should be a bit more careful, otherwise someday someone might leave the mother earth for suffocation inside a lift. 😂😂

You're too kind..


thank you sir

Haha lol, only you hold your nose?

Sudah saya upvote

@traf ha ha ha, I will do it next time I'm exiting the elevator

I grimace and hold my nose and my butt as I enter the elevator. I hate crowded elevators.