Can a Smart Contract Connect Off-chain Data With On-chain Data?

in zappl •  10 months ago

I have an innovative idea in mind and cannot seem to find the right information to see if technologically, it is feasible. I understand data oracles can communicate off-chain data with on-chain data, but can this work in a smart contract?

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I am not 100% sure to be honest BUT if it isn't possible now it will be in the future through things like Lightning Network (BTC/LTC) + MAST (LTC) and possibly Smart Bridge (ARK). I would be very surprised if what you're asking isn't possible with a combination of those 3 things in the near very future.

As an added sidenote another innovative idea is a mobile wallet that can interact with other users within a radius of their location with ease. The use case would be mainly for retail use where you can easily transact with the vendor simply by being close to the checkout (no need to enter a username or wallet address or anything, the vendor just broadcasts the value at the point of sale and you just pick the vendors request from a proxy list in the wallet and hit sent.

I am sure a lot of this stuff will be a reality in the near future, even if it isn't quite available just yet. Interesting times...


That's a very intriguing response. Great idea man. I am going to dig deep within those three creations.

Yes. It's something I'm working on currently.
Although its an Eth type private blockchain but the technique is feasible potentially for any blockchain. I'm using triggers off the blockchain together with off-chain programs that a scheduled using scheduler (or cron for Linux based nodes)

Thanks for this idea.
I will wait for your next post.
Tahnks for sharing.@upvote and resteem done.