STEEM at 5.15 USD

in zappl •  11 months ago

I just woke up and saw that STEEM made a rise of 76% and is currently at 5.15 USD which is a record all-time-high. What a great start into the new year for STEEM and I am glad this blockchain finally get's the attention it deserves.

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Haha was it your internal Steem radar that woke you up ?? What a great start of the year ! Congrats 🎉🎊🍾🎈


That is really a fantastic start!

its now at $ 6 you will be shocked :D


Wow, what is going on, that is amazing! :-)


Now $8 :D

was machen wir denn jetzt, geht es wieder runter sprich Korrektur und SBD nach oben? Hab die ganze Zeit SBD in Steem gewandelt, jetzt bin ich nicht sicher was das beste ist - was sagt Deine Glaskugel denn?


Ich denke das langfristig STEEM mehr wert sein wird als SBD. Eine Korrektur ist zu erwarten bei dem steilen Anstieg aber danach hoffe ich das STEEM weiter steigen wird. Ohne Gewaeher natuerlich.

Oh yes that is really a fantastic start!

Really thats a great start to the new year. May God gives you more success . God bless you.


Thank you very much. God bless you.

yes i also saw and i m really excited and now i sure the steem will rise up more than10 only in next month bcz the atteantion of every one to steem and now many wants to be hold and buy more steem which surely increase its price and repo

Correction, its over $6 now. That is awesome.

This is very excellent thanks for the reminder

Finally steem is making the big moves

i can't believe it it was nearly $ 2 or 3 recently

As I expected quite soon in $ 10 what do you think you are bro

Am i the only stupid here who got to know about this just a couple of hours ago. Steemit is rocking.

Wow man what an awesome update first up to start the day with !!