Blender Art with a hint of STEEM

in zappl •  9 months ago

Time a for a new desktop wallpaper? You might like this low poly design with a hint of the most useful blockchain around, STEEM. I probably will add more items like a little bridge over the water but for now I am happy to share with you.

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Hey! @tarekadam, i love low poly and love you post :D i follow you to see more of this, and if you want follow me to see my own low poly art :)


I just checked your posts and like your low poly designs as well. Well done!

Nice and creative i found the steem haha :D great to see your post after a very long time : )


Thank you, yes it has been a while :-)

Wow, really simple but it's throwing the effective reflection of nature's activities, the addon effect of this picture is that flower and that flying creature which reflects an beautiful relationship between nature and it's creatures. Keepup the great work and thanks for sharing. 🙂

Stay Blessed.


Thank you very much.


Welcome. 🙂

Amazing work indeed friend and that wallpaper looks so creative and beautiful and i think it looks even more cool if you add some human movements on side of the river, thanks for sharing this wallpaper with us friend, Stay blessed


I am glad you like it! Thank you very much.

Nice posi sir....


Thank you!

nice it's wallpaper
If noticed look beautiful


Thank you very much!


thanks also @tarekadam already want to reply my comment :)
yesterday I was in notvote because I commented posting high-level people

This is very cute. I agree with you, a bridge or any other additional elements will make this design better and cuter :)


Yes I will add a bridge soon, thank you.

Well you did a nice job buddy !


I am glad you like it, thank you.

looks pretty :-D