The Pirate Steem Starship is in flight in the Discord right MEOW!

in zappl •  2 years ago  (edited)

It's been a day of shit shows and radio on SteemStar, but we've just about reached cruising altitude now. Come join us for an equipment shakedown run, on the pirate steem starship to the moon, babee! Popular music we can't stream live! NOW!

This is where you wanna be right now!

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Is there seriously an steemit radio? Do I understand it right? Maybe the music is not great but I would love to check it out!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Actually there are two 24/7 streaming networks and I built them both.

The first one I built belongs to PAL/MSP and is called MSP Waves. I resigned from that group and went on to build a new station outside that community of my own, called SteemStar Network.

I no longer am involved in the first one, so finding out about it is an exercise for you to pursue, but to learn about SteemStar - just visit our website at or our blog here at @steemstarnetwork - tho I admit the blog is not always current. The site however, has a player running 24/7 on the homepage and the full live hosted,interactive show schedule as well.

Also its not "steemit" radio in either case, but rather "steem" radio. Steemit is just a fairly badly implemented blogging website on the steem blogchain. There are dozens of sites in the steem ecosystem, and its false to call anything but this one badly programmed blogging site "steemit" anything. The correct language is Steem, not steemit. STEEM is the cryptocurrency, and the name of the block chain. is just one tiny tiny portion of this world.

You still produce the best shows, even after tripping around the world for 18 days solid...


my equipment failed me, but im giving it all ive got cap'n!

I have that problem as well, I blame it on getting old 🤣

You see what we did there ;)

lol! You guys are fun. Yay for the Pirate Steem Starship!

Yay for the passenger pirates like you!

There already! I subscribed right away trough youtube. Thank you!

lml yay! :D amazing work

This came from a meme sir cork contest. I believe this was from @thekittygirl or @katrina-ariel or @sapphic? I think it was @sapphic, it was a world ago now. Hrm. I smoke a lot too, I guess. LOL

lol! I did that one. I don't know who did the original artwork, but I put @SirCork's mug on there. ;)

Oh shit my bad! I'm sorry, yes, you did this magnificent rendering :D

I love it.

Hey, no worries. Small stuff. You just did a trip around the world. Glad you like it. ;-)

lol! awesome :D i like meme´s, this one its very hardcore on fire lml

radio in steemit? That sounds good. I'll be with you a little while, thanks for the information.