the story behind frangipani flowers

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Frangipani flower found by a French botanist named Charles Plumier, because that's frangipani flower has a Latin name Plumeria. Frangipani flower we used to see only in religious places such as cemeteries and other places, but now it has changed. This interest has no connection at all with Cambodian country because this flower was originated from Central America which includes Ecuador, Colombia, Cuba, Venezuela, and Mexico.

Since when its existence in Indonesia until now not known exactly. However, frangipani flower is thought to be first brought to Indonesia by the Portuguese and Dutch which both are a nation that care about the environment and really love the tropical nature. It is estimated that native Cambodian frangipani is a colorful flower white with yellow inner part where the flower is not fully open and small. Cambodia flourishes in the lowlands to a height of 700 meters, but in general this plant can thrive in all places.


Frangipani flower not only consists of one type only but various, including Plumeria Bali-Whirl. This frangipani flower has a crown that is piled up, is how to multiply and preserve it with the penyetekkan.Ada also Plumeria Acuminata, crown shape rounded and the end of the roll. The third is Plumeria Acutifolia, the smell of the flowers are aromatic and efficacious for gonorrhea, swelling and ulcers. This type of frangipani flower is often used for religious ceremonies by Balinese.

Next is Plumeria Cendana, although it smells good but the sap contains toxic that can cause itching.Plumeria Kok White, this frangipani flower has bloom still look kuncup.Ada also Adenium Obesum, usually people call it with flower of frangipani Japan.Bunga this not derived from the cherry country but from the African Continent, precisely Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda.Tanaman is also known as the rose of desert (roses desert), this is because he is able to survive despite growing in the desert
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