A good and interesting photo

Hmm, he got a lot of attitude as well


So you're saying, people who study gender studies should be thrown out of helicopters?

Ha ha! That was quite an interview.

hhhhh cute picture, nice work comrade ,,

This picture has a very powerful meaning to it, only those who have insights can understand better. The fact that you are disciplined in a particular field doesn't mean if there's a situation in a field where you are not a professional you shouldn't do something or support.

lol hhh what can i say

I agree with you.thanks post @redpill

@redpill sir good and interesting photo thank you are post

This is definitely one of the better memes I've seen lately;)

I laughed a little too hard at this.

I was literally looking for the laughing emoticon like on Facebook when I upvoted, lol!!!!!

Bah ha ha, i'm laughing all the way past the bubble-tea lifestyle store!

this picture remember me about my live sir thank you sit