Could Zappl Leverage SMT's?

in zappl •  last year

Could #zappl be more efficient run on SMT's instead of on the Steem Blockchain?

Might it be an easier way to customize a rewards system for a twitter-like platform?

Posting this via zappl to make the point about rewards inconsistencies

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To be precise SMTs are tokens that will be running on the Steem blockchain.


indeed they are.

In this use case - the token could be named a Z or something and the setup configured to encourage the kind of user behavior expected on a twitter-clone that rewards.

Did you make your point because you don't think it could work?


I think that Zappl (or any other app running on the blockchain) should consider using their own token. So yes it could work as long as they market themelves outside of the current steem user base.

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Reward inconsistencies are really nauseating..Moderators very amateur ...Moderators should be better

I think that's a great idea and would chase away any accusations or shouting about rewards being pillaged


Yeah, I've noticed that I have no fine control when voting through zappl so that each vote is full power.

For the type of posting that zappl encourages, this kinda needs to be thought about some more.

Do you think SMTs would allow for flexibility in customizing an appropriate rewards experience?


I think they would as they would be able to customise the reward mechanism to be exactly how they want it so it wouldn't have to follow the same pattern. I think it will be cool to see what people and platforms come up with rewards wise!

You have a point

Greatly written article, good job!

Did he tell you anything about the role of Bitshares in their operation? What do they need us for and what will we get from them? Do they build their platform on our blockchain?

Thanks for the hospitality at STEEM Park while I was nursing my New Years hangover