Szczupak Caly - Scary fish in Krakow supermarket

in #zappl3 years ago (edited)

They put up a very good fight and take a while to land.
They have very sharp teeth, which can tear up bait and lures.
Even in supermarket they put a fish in its mouth!

First time trying Zappl and let's see the feedback :)

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Szczupaki cebulaki.

Oh!!! In supermarket they wrote Szczupak Caly...

Even they don't know what type of fish it was XD

I love going to random markets around the world to see stuff like this! Too fun!! That would be a scary one to encounter live!!

Haha!! I have seen some pretty odd stuffs in markets in Krakow. I need to take more pictures to share with the community XD

Wuw it does look scary. Never see such fish before. Lol...

Even for me it was a first time. That's why took a picture of it to find more info on the net :)

lol that looks super scary, even if the thing is dead I wouldn't dare eating it, it might come back to life lol

Haha! In the supermarket they were selling it whole! Couldn't take that whole scary thing!

A more pertinent question is: is it tasty?

Haha good question and unfortunately I didn't buy the fish as it doesn't look so tasty!