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I want to use #zappl more but i am annoyed with the title field and wish it were removed from the zappl interface

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What annoy's you about it ?


Well the way I use twitter is short quick thoughts, jokes, lyrics, images, or nonsense. I use a lot of automation with twitter.

Often my automated tweets get more interaction than my most thoughtful steem posts.

I understand why steem needs a title. I wish zappl would just generate a unique ID and shove that in the tittle and made not visible on their interface.

Furthermore I’d like to see an API I know this means some centralization but it’ll help with adoption. I want to write a python script that reads my tweets and posts them to zappl.

Also if zappl could improve page load times and less breaks in the UI it’d help with adoption. I’ve turned so many people on to zappl, dtube, and dsound but they all think the websites are too janky.

What happens if you leave it blank? I've never tried. Plus I read many zaps from the laptop at the moment.
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I believe you can not make the post.


Well Just have some fun then and throw an Emoji or something in. :-) More people are reading on laptops than phones right now, and they will all see it.
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