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He looked over from the table. The newspaper lay crumpled in the corner. The sound echoing and ringing in his ears. Thoughts of the Italian countryside came to him randomly.A place he could never visit.

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Wow, about 1,000 more of those, and you've got a book!

Lol! Zappl fiction are Zap's or post from Zappl where you need to fit the story in a Zap (240 characters).Want to give it a try?

yeah, also known as flashfiction, or even nanofiction, depending on how short you want to go!

Upvoted and resteemed by the MAP-AAKOM community!

Thank you @accelerator! May I invite the members of MAP-AAKOM community to try out @zaapl and writing fiction on Zappl, now known as and tagged under "Zapfic"?
You may join us on our Discord server here

Sure, if you pop in to the MAP Discord chatroom you can always add a link in the room for "other reward sources".

I know. I was just saying it was very captivating and made me want to read more. Great job.

postingan yang bagus sekali saya sangat menyukainya, good luck friend

Nicely written

Thank you!