highest steemian

in zappl •  11 months ago

every year the highest steem power holder should fight the lowest steem power holder to become the highest steem power holder ever

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my money is on the lowest steemian :)

Or he that follows no one should should sacrifice reputation in tribute to a minnow?? . Haha ;) do you volunteer as tribute in the Steemit Games @mindhunter????


Steemit is deffo the Hunger Games - doggie eats doggie! LOL!

Hey @mindhunter, it's been a long while. I hope you're doing great?

How are you brother?

thank you all for the information, if the high steam builders can work with the stee

Steemfight! To the Victor the spoils


We need a Steemfight betting platform!


Someone made a Streetfighter game where your SP gave you more strength. Not sure if it's still out there