Oh, this is stunning! What a beautiful view you had while doing your tedious work.

That's just outside my window. I am feeling somewhat refreshed this p.m. Tedious work done for the day. :-)

It is beautiful but it looks very cold. Is it common to have that much snow in April?

It is cold. This week the temperature is running just below zero Celsius. It is a typical April. A few years ago, it had been a very snowy winter and this time of the year, the snowbanks in the yard were 3 feet deep. But the sun is strong and by the end of the month, it will be very springlike. (But still cold.)

I'm glad that the snow is hanging out with you and not with me haha. We haven't had cold temperatures like that, but it has definitely been a temperature roller-coaster here. We'll have a couple days of nice weather, the temperature then will get colder for a couple of days, and then we'll be back to warm days. It's the never-ending cycle that I really wish would end. I'm ready to fully enjoy spring.

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