The way to "Real Life"

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I dont know if I am living a normal life or not. Whatever is normal for me is abnormal for others and whatever is abnormal for the most people is very normal to me. My days became very short no matter a day really is. It feels very short and the hours pass like minutes. I try to do whatever is on my list, but never succeed to finish all of it. A feeling of laziness is overwhelming me and whispering in my ears " Just give up everything and move on with your life". I wish I could do that without worrying or looking back at all the unfinished tasks. At all the people I think they are my responsibility, but in truth they arent. Everyone of us is responsible for himself or herself.

I keep looking for the unknown. I know it is there; I feel it and hear it, but dont know what it is. I dont know where it is or where to find it. I know there is a way, but still not sure which is the right path to reach there in no time. Already wasted many years looking for what I dont know, but believe it is there. Home! I dont know even where it is, as I am a lost soul looking for a way to go back. I lost the map and forgot whatever I was supposed to remember. Walking in the darkness hoping to find someone who knows the way. The way to freedom, to eternity, to what is called "Real Life".

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I try to do whatever is on my list, but never succeed to finish all of it.

Same thing here. I tend to delay doing things until the next weekend... and then I wait for the next, and the next... and so on. When the weekend comes, I never do any of the stuff I thought about doing, during the week. 😣

Thanks for sharing your philosophical questions with us.

PS: Next time you do an article like this, you can make use of the "lifestyle" tag and earn yourself some LifeStyle tokens. 😎

Seems like many new things came out, while I was in a long deep sleep lol I just added the lifestyle tag and need to research all the new tags, to understand whats new. Thank you for the advice :D

I keep a to do list paper on the wall to watch it and try to finish whatever is pending :( The days are really too short and now winter is coming.