Austria to Remove Sanctions

in zappl •  2 years ago 

The EU will begin to crumble with this news. Austria's new conservative government is breaking with the EU to remove sanctions against Russia. Enormous News.

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Nothing in today's world surprised me anymore. But the EU will not exist in 5 years. Mark your calendars.

And how this new might useful for the cryptocurrency ?

Why do they even have sanctions against Russia?
To make sure they are solidly independent and not reliant on anyone else?

Because the EU told them to do it. Austria stating categorically that they will drop them puts them at odds with the rest of the EU. It means that Austria could be sanctioned by the EU or force the EU to drop the sanctions all together, because it has to be a unanimous decision by all EU Foreign Ministers.

The government of Austria is conservative? Was not he a social democrat or an ecologist, or something like that?