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I have a booked pregnant patient, who delivered at the early hours of this morning, just in front of the hospital gate. Now the husband claims she delivered outside the hospital and he wants to pay half of her normal delivery cost.

What Do you think?


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Well that is a good question! I would have to argue that the charges should be in accordance with the services provided. Who attended the birth, regardless of where it took place, what medical supplies were used and what other services were provided afterwards by the hospital. With itemized costs no one can argue the validity of the charges. Maybe you posted this as a philosofical question in which case i think it would be silly...

She had all the care she deserved for woman in labor, but she gave birth before she could enter into the hospital premises. She is presently still in the hospital on admission.
Dont understand what you mean by "silly"

Oh, silly would be for me if this was not a real question but just a philosophical one, for the sake of argument, that is what i meant with that word.
If it is a real case, as it seems to be, i would go with the itemized receipt of supplies and services provided. It would be difficult to argue such things i think...
If anything, he can argue some of the costs of the services provided (seeing as his wife gave birth outside the hospital) and you could negotiate if you want, but i don't think that would result in him paying half the usual rates... just my opinion. Hope it helps!

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