The Magical Beautiful photography of Gilgit Pakistan

in zappl •  last year  (edited)

The great Trango Towers Gilgit Baltistan


2)Rush Lake...
Hopar Nagar Gilgit Baltistan

2.jpg1)Would you dare to camp here?

  1. Neelam Valley after rain fall Aazaad Jammu Kashmir


4)Mushkpuri Top, Nathia Gali, Pakistan


5)Spring Blossom in Shigar, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan.


6)Gondogoro Pass, Hushe Valley
District Ghanche Gilgit-Baltistan Pakistan


7)Who wants to Sit here ????
This is Linksar #Pakistan


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That's a good one. I won't like to sit on Linksar because of the cold nature but is nice for sight seeing.