Tuesday Night Steemit and Kombucha! I'm About That Life...

in zappl •  10 months ago

A funny thing happen today at the health store... You guys know that I love Kombucha! I decided to buy this special blend original formula and guess what happened? You have to be 21 to buy it and I got carded! I feel so young now lol

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why you need 21? this is not alcholic, no?


It has fermented tea so about 1% natural alcohol :)

@charles-fuchs enjoy my Brother. If you have to be 21 to drink it then it must be able to intoxicate and impair your driving ??


Supposly it’s 2% alcohol 😂



Good promo - the drink that makes you look so young that you get carded every time. I love their Cayennade... be careful the first sip made me choke but it release some endorphins for sure!


That’s a good one but it’s on the bottom of my list 😀😂



One time I didn’t get carded for beer but for this is nuts lol

Salud :)


Cheers!! 😀

Im following you now ! LOL what exactly is this stuff !? And does it taste good !? This was resteemed by someone in my feed , and im now going to up vote and resteem your post @charles-fuchs to share it with all my Awesome foodie followers @momskitchen!!👌👍✌

I got carded in Vegas when I was 29! Every day by the same woman in the same 7/11 (not buying alcohol by the way)

So what's your actual age?