why Zappl must be out of steemit

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As a blogger I want my posts to be about my personal opinion on what I come across on and offline. I started to blog on steemit to get a way to invest in crypto without using my fiat money since I don't have any to spear... I usually don't use social media. I recently joined twitter though after 15 years in computers!

Money is one thing, however sharing your point of view and be willing to challenge your arguments with others throughout discussions is a healthy thing to do but you probably know that right.

I use steemit on and off right now when I use to be like 90% of the time in my first 2 months. Probably because I have plenty of other stuff to do and I can't just keep putting them aside social media doesn't rule my life.



I have looked at Zappl a few weeks back and really liked the idea. A twiter like for the steem blockchain, what a great idea ! let's do it, let's zappl ! and I did ! but what happen....?

the zapp actually ended up on my steemit blog ! To me it's an issue and I'm sure for others too. Why ?
My blog has kind of a theme or maybe like a way I want to work and contribute to steemit. I don't want to see every zapp I made piling up between my posts ! What I aim on steemit is not what I aim with twits or zapps...
That's why I came with this title, not because I don't like zappl but I believe that Zappl shouldn't be linked with your steemit publication.

here is my ZAP on my blog and in your feed if you follow me...

Who's fault that is ?
Well I guess a bit of both really. Steemit has a very basic primitive way to handle content. If I was going to start zapping I could zapp 3 to 8 times a day who knows and if I wan to post on steemit too what happen ? I flood people feed and then what happen ?

People will stop following me because I flood their feed then it becomes a serious problem for me too because I could see my followers disapear, and I think that one of the main reason why we won't see Zappl get more use.

Zappl need to have a seperate publication system all together. My blog is one thing and my zapp another.
Now if I want to tell people to check my zapps that is fine, I can talk about it in my articles but I don't want to show every zapps on steemit. If you want to see my zapp you'll have to follow me on Zappl too, so far There seems to be no control over content management in steemit while using zappl.

Zappl needs to move to a SMT type token using the same blockchain but not directly related to publication on steemit. at the moment it's just a steemit frontend with different css files... if you don't know what css file is just keep reading or google it ;-)

Smart Media Tokens

If you don't know what are SMT or Smart Media Token there it is :

A Token Protocol for Content Websites, Applications, Online
Communities and Guilds Seeking Funding, Monetization and
User Growth

a link to the whitepaper


They are the future of this social media blockchain. Recently we got to know the first SMT token project to take place in our eco-system APPICS.

APPICS will be the instagram of steem. They will have their token launch soon, it's called the XAP token.
here is my refereal link if you would like to participate I would appreciate if you were using it

APPICS will be independent from steemit which means my activity on it won't interfere with my blogging on steemit.

I would like zappl to follow the same path and have a ZAP token and it's own content publication . We will see Zappl taking a great turns in the blockchained social media scene in my opinion if that is happenning.

I think in the future we are going to see projects using SMT and create great opportunities for us to produce payed content using the steem blockchain. With all the problems steemit is facing to handle the huge amount of content here we will probably see people merging to those SMT projects and slowing down their steemit activity to focus more on those new ways to create content.

Some people who find it hard to build up SP on steemit might want to build up XAP power on APPICS, or ZAP power on Zappl, a lot of people we'll choose to give up there steemit account for this I am quite confident on this fact.

D.tube and D.sound should have their own tokens too if you ask me. your social media activity can't be all in one website which also needs some serious work to keep up with content management.

let me know your thoughts on this in the comment section below, hit all the buttons you see around this area, follow me on twiter until zappl sort their shit out and steem on !

twiter blacksheepsteem


Again youre writing really useful, completely relevant content, but noone is seeing it. Would like to check out zappl and Appics when it happens but think to have to deal with three seperate accounts might be very time consuming. However, all of this is very time consuming anyway!!

thank you @shivvi for your comment, yes very time consuming that's why we will see people choosing one or the other to be honest APPICS will be a game changer because we can then just snap a moment, a thought, a picture it will have more use I think, blogging expect time/writing skill/typing skill/research and layout articles.

27 views 8 votes that's how it goes I think some peeps think steem comes from their own pocket ^^

really informative post @blacksheepblog I am learning all the time with your , keep them coming x

thank you @trucklife-family it's always good to have you around...

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