Trash can and beautiful appearance of clouds

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Nature always gives beauty to this earth, sometimes we often ignore it. Trash can bin represents "cleanliness we should keep".


the earth is our responsibility together until our children and grandchildren, it is obligatory for us to continue to keep clean, as well as nature conservation

I strongly agree with your opinion, even I am very happy to find people who still care about the earth and nature. Amazing for you, have a nice day! ^^

Trash can and beautiful appearance of clouds Good?

Rebuilding nature to it formal state should be taken serious. Among the sustainable goal, most government and estate management support afforestation and one tree per house policy. Nice photo

Thanks @yungchief have a nice day buddy^^

the sky looks beautiful

Thank you so much buddy )

really a very interesting post and nice

Ow thank you very much buddy :-)
Have a nice day ^^

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Mantap om barvon.. Tung tung brus bisa bertuss😂.. Selamat yaa

Hehehe tung brus yang baik hati 😂😂

memang droe keuh mampu boss

Saya suka dengan pendapat anda @barvon

Terima kasih atas tanggapan baik Anda @muna1 sukses selalu untuk Anda

Barvon i like

Thank u so much ^^

Suasana sangat indah

Terima kasih banyak kawan ^^

Loved your post,thanks for sharing.
Resteeming it friend

Thank you so much buddy ^^ have a nice day

Most welcome

that is a really strange trash container

I feel bad to see this trash :( world need a change

Nature photography..

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