Having a blast at SteemFest2!

in #zappl6 years ago (edited)

Opening night has been awesome!

Old friends and new, it was great to see all of you. Special shoutouts to @roelandp (amazing work, and great to finally meet you in person), @robrigo (we shouldn't have to travel this far to chat in person), @lovejoy (great talking, and good luck with the bag), @getonthetrain (loving your writing already), @xanoxt (can't wait for our first trip to Moscow), @eroche (excited to keep the data conversation going) and everyone who is escaping my memory.

Here's to a big day 1 tomorrow. If you're in Lisbon, don't miss our talk on event ticketing in Room 2 @ 15:20!


heyy @alexlinebrink

steemit has been a daily bread for some of us here who are less fortunate to be in Africa.
We will continue to show our appreciation by spreading here in #Ghana -West Africa, and even to our relatives abroad.

i see #steemit about to disrupt facebook and you guys are great visionaries.
You are expendable and therefore worth following.

greetings from ghana,

passage x sounds great dude. Nice talk.... I might have reason to use it next year, so I'll be keeping an eye out :)

Thank you! Finally got it online too: https://steemit.com/steemfest/@alexlinebrink/steemfest-presentation-event-ticketing-is-broken-we-re-fixing-it-with-steem-fixtix

Give a shout: we'd love to have your help getting the word out!

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