ZapFic Writing Contest Entry for Week 97: A Miracle

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A Miracle


He was rude and always drunk,
Hardly ever bathed, smelled like a skunk,
The lowest of lows he sunk.
A miracle brought him out of his funk,
After hitting his head on the bunk,
Sobriety came from that clunk,
Who'd of thunk he'd become a monk.

This is my entry for the ZapFic Writing Contest for Week 97 using the prompt: monk. ZapFic is a very short story that is written in 240 characters or less using the weekly prompt. This fun contest was created by To find out how you can enter, please go here.

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Awesome. He could have gone either way...sunk further down, or was lifted up. Glad he chose the latter.

Great post. Well wishes with it @whatisnew.

Thanks for your nice compliment @justclickindiva. Good luck to you also. : )

lol...this is a funny one! So clever and creative Butterfly, well done!

Thanks again Jonboy! I love that it made you laugh. : )