#zapfic Writing Contest Week 62: prompt: integrity

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Maintain unity, between my feelings and my performance.

Keep my integrity and prepare.

To fulfill the mission that was assigned to me.

Although this means the end.

“Until I expire I shall not take away my integrity from myself!”​—Job 27:5.

The following is my entry for the @felt.buzz contest .


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that was it.
happy life.

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My Favourite word


Hello @nathanmars
Thanks for your comment.
The fight is up to the fim or the system or our life.
Thanks for all your support.
happy life

Last sentence is so true.


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Hello dear @wakeupkitty
In this confusing world.
It is not easy to maintain a unity of thought and action.
But that is the mission.
A little flexibility for a good reason.
Thank you for visiting me.
Happy life