Aw, thanks Hon. I wasn't sure about this one.

Really? It's stupendous. hahahahaha! I wonder which way her hubby wants it to go down, assuming he's among the castaways too. So much depth in this one!

No depth at all babe. You're way too much of a lateral thinker for me. I didn't even consider her hubby being a fellow castaway and what that might mean. You have much to teach!

My favorite stuff in my writing is always the stuff I had no idea I was putting in there. I find them well after I hit "publish", sometimes days later.

On occasion, I happen upon something I wrote just a few days earlier and don't recognise it as my own. But that's probably just old age:)

'Solaris' by St.Lem -- classics! -- was written in the same way, as far as I know...

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