Silly Billy

in #zapfic4 years ago

run route.png

Determined to qualify by finishing in the first ten, and with no other runners in sight, Billy reversed the direction of the arrow indicating the run route. Little did he know the competitor in front of him had done the very same thing.

Posted in response to's Zapfic contest

The prompt is Determined
The image is my own


Oh how tricky! Love the story!

Thanks very much m'dear.

You're welcome!

Hilarious story!
I love how much you can convey with so few words.

Thanks a lot. I quite liked that one myself!

HaHa! Cheaters will always lose in the end.

I wish that were true Pollyanna but experience has taught me otherwise.

Pollyanna? Now that I think about it, yes I am. : )

Just imagining that kid lost in the miles and miles of forest...

Best place for him!

I rarely do any other kind.

I've been noticing this about you )

Sweet talker!

Really? Thank you! I don't think anybody else could say this about me. Most people think I am a pain in the butt. )))

LOL! Good use of the image and the character's name to imply/show us he's a young person without telling us. Congrats on the win!

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Cheers! Thanks, but I fear you are giving me too much credit there. I picked the name Billy only because it rhymed with silly. I hadn't thought of the young person aspect at all:)
Congrats to you on the win. There was quite some competition this week.

I've seen that happen in my work too; something comes together I was completely unaware of. I think it is the subconscious mind at work, so we still deserve credit!

I don't know how you even think of such a thing. 😂

My mind is busy 24/7 plotting ways to lie, cheat and put one over on the next guy;)

hahahahaha! Billy is running willy nilly.

What a silly Billy!

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