Zapfic Contest Prompt: Arrange

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“Don't worry. We can arrange things.”

Suddenly I knew I was in the wrong place.

Deal was sweet on the surface – access to BIG profit for little investment.

Too little to be legal.

“Don't worry. We can arrange things.”

“No thank you – bye!”

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If it looks too good to be true, it probably is!

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I was sort of thinking of the beginning of The Firm when Tom Cruise gets there and they start telling him "The Firm" will be taking care of this that, and the other thing for him, but at what price! I also was thinking of a heated discussion about how folks get conned; the above fifty words are sort of my distillation of the con, and how to escape it!

Good job! 😊

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Thank you again!

Nice job! A perfectly told story in a very short form. You'd never know this was your first entry to #zapfic.

Thank you -- that was a struggle, but I owe being able to do it to a professor in college who assigned us to describe the relationship between the victors of World War I in 600 words OR LESS. That was a history zap-non-fic... hateful, cruel, and ugly ... but it set me up for things like this!

Great. "No thank you, bye!", shows a strong personality.

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I suppose so! I was thinking more of "feet, don't fail me now," but I suppose you COULD think of it as someone in enough self-possession of themselves not to go for a "perfect" situation, and not to be afraid to go find something better...

Nice tidy story. Great for the first time! Check out @jayna for another micro fiction contest.

Thank you and I did go over to @jayna for her contest!