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This is a "zapfic" entry for's contest. You are limited to 240 CHARACTERS (not words) to tell a story using the prompt word "arrange" and if you would like to join in, here is the post:

Link to contest post.

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The cards arrange themselves in perfect order. A pair of rockets in the hole, the flop blesses me with a 3rd Ace and a pair of deuces.

Full boat, Aces high, on the flop. It doesn’t get any better than this. And the fish goes all in.



If you enjoy writing short fiction stories (less than 1,000 words) I'd love to have you join me on Narrative. Here's a link directly to my page featuring Flash Fiction:

Join me on Narrative

Get in on the ground floor and see what it's all about. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments.




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Lol! You certainly know all the lingo!

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I love to play Texas Hold'em but I didn't get a chance to play much since I rarely go to a casino. But now I have discovered our own STEEM Scorum Poker League at and they are a really good group to play with. For Free. To earn SBD. I won a tournament yesterday - 2.5 SBD. Ha ha, more than I make on most of my posts!

Nice one❣️

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Oooo! Now that is a story I would like to happen in real life for me!

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Yeah me too. That's why it's under the "fiction" category, never happen to me in a real game lol

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Cha-ching indeed!!

Hopefully nobody had pocket 2's 😅

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Yes, that would be my luck, to have an almost unbeatable hand, and some joker comes up with quads! 😱

😂😂.. Yup. And then you end up thinking. How did he not fold his pair of 2's when I raised with two aces 🤔

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That's just the kind of stupid play that makes you really shake your head as your stack disappears across the table! Have you tried the Scorum Poker League here on Steem? It's a great group to play with.

No.. I think I'll pass. There is so much on Steem I'm not yet doing 😭.

I think getting back to freewriting is the first step. Joining powerhouse creatives and the engagement league the next and from there out I'll see if there is any time left.

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Yes, time is definitely an issue. I don't do nearly as many freewrites as I want, they are my first love. I only play a game of poker now and then and it usually only lasts an hour. But Texas Hold'em is one of my favorite games, so I indulge every now and then. Especially since it costs NOTHING to play and you win real SBD. I won a tournament the other day for 2.5 SBD and that's more than most of my posts make, lol.

Excellent, as usual. I love the short short form. You're doing well with this.

Thanks, I'm getting better about writing more concisely and not having to go back and trim as much.

I see we know each other from zapfic too! Nice story. I am incapable of playing poker or any card game involving bets. I wish you winnings!

Yes small STEEM world, glad to see you again, thanks for the support!