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I'm glad that I've finally get approved to be part of this community. Thanks to @zacheary who shared! this thing to me without any hesitation.


I'm a father of three irresistible cute kids, a husband to my lovely and beautiful wife full-time Uber driver, an art enthusiastic person, a movie buff, a gamer and a visionary or so.

So probably you might hear/read my future post containing about world's entertainment topics. And most probably my Uber experience!

I might share some culture thingy so that the whole world may know how all of us are connected in a different way

My perspective is my gift, but all I can say that even a butterfly effect can be 'considered' important (for the sci-fi thingy) , might as well the perspective of a person who can reach to every person in the world

So heads up, be prepared, and buckle up for the next adventure of our life!


Welcome to steemit @papaqhaldunn.

Hi @papaqhaldunn you need to tag the appropriate tag to ensure you get the right crowd. Please check with @zacheary on how to use the appropriate tag. try not to use @zacheary as tag. I did the same on my first post. I learn from it not to do it again. Nevertheless since this is your first post. Let see if you can beat my value or not. LOL

DO tag @teamamalaysia @introduceyourself . Your post can still be edited.

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