Hello Everyone! Let me introduce you ZaberCoin!

in #zabercoin4 years ago

#ZaberCoin is an asset backed cryptocurrency ( #ERC20 ).
Therefore, with Zabercoin we combine the #blockchain technology with physical asset investments like real estate and lucrative companies more specifically located in emerging markets (EM) with recurring income re-invested to ensure growth, research and development. Zabercoin limits your exposure to the downside risk of many existing cryptocurrencies. Zabercoin has a floor price right from the time of its inception. Each Zabercoin is backed by lucrative property and therefore we can safely state that it will always have a real or intrinsic value that will give peace of mind to the investor and user.
By investing in Zabercoin you can benefit from article 13 sex of the income tax act no.58 of 1962. According to this, taxable income becomes less and the more you buy, the more you save. Interested?
You can participate right now at https://www.zabercoin.io.
For early participants we offer 50% bonus. Bonus is active for the last day.


Will see this coin.. Thanks for this info. Have you made any post on ripple coin... plz share your opinion on that.

appreciated the simplicity and elegance of idea of the Zabercoin: real estate will back each token. Have cryptocurrencies intrinsic or actual values? Some people believe that it may even have a zero value :)

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