Self-voting all my comments on Weedcash.Network!

in #yup3 years ago (edited)

Who do I remind you of now?




@coininstant 12:16!

When people get pissed off they move to self voting their own comments! Bernie just said you don't buy an extra house if you’re not going to rent it out and utilize your investment, or something like that! Right @berniesanders?
hmm.. only cause I mad as hell about the centralized steem-engine tokens! Bernie does it and y’all don’t care, so that means I can too! Everybody should do it hua? It works way better for milking rewards I just noticed because it does not take that long to make a comment and upvote it vs a whole post and end up with nothing fir some reason?

Not sure why theres holes in the blockchain! Why the rewards missed the 2 comments in the middle? Thats my issue? Not totally jiving! Should say something!

Now i have to check back later and see for some reason????!!!

OMG I think bernie may be onto something, who would have figured! What a pal teaching us these cool tricks! #evilbydesign #weedevil!

#little berny


Bernie didn't upvote all of his weedcash comments at 100% the way you have been doing. If he did, I would downvote them, because I don't agree with that. That is just a way to extract value from the platform. I do wish you could learn to breathe deep when you feel like getting crazy and calm down to see that you are not being victimized. That attitude is among the worse you can have. Nobody has made a victim out of you on weedcash. You do this to yourself and I can only imagine it is because you are having a hard time. I truly feel for you man, and I hope you can overcome this victim mentality that you have. That being said, I will use all of my voting power to downvote this kind of crap. You are making me strongly consider turning on the muting ability now. I don't have time continually downvote this nonsense.

Both your accounts bitch! Your the biggest piece of shit on the platform, you always have been! Your Done!

I'm going to for a few, charge up and save it all 4 ya!

idk good 4 u jerk! prove my point some more why don't ya! OMG u all can’t even take a joke! Last night was first time I ever even upvoted my comments, ees my right, not against the rules. Funny now how bernie takes sides too! I’m gunna be flagging ur accounts from the steemit side from now on too! idiot! Fuck off bitch!

Why don’t u go suck his dick, sounds like dat is wat ur saying here! you fuckin sicko! Do not speak to me again! My decision whatever it is is final. Flagging u!

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