Youtube vs 3Speak: the winner is obvious!

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I recently enjoyed participating in the Epic Meme Contest organized by @threespeak.

Youtube's new terms of service will be applied on 10th December. That will result in the fall of many small and mid-sized Youtubers. They will be marginalized / demonetized / censored on the platform. You can read more about this in this article by The Verge.

A huge problem, but not for @threespeak: they decided to take this fact on with both hands and start a digital 'attack' to get some of those disillusioned video content makers on to @threespeak and therefore Steem.

I'm one of the winners of the contest with the meme shared in this post - I think it '3speaks' for itself :-)

If you missed the Epic Meme Contest but want to participate getting some ex-Youtubers to 3Speak, then definitely check out this post with the newest contest: - it's all about creating 3Speak Awareness on Twitter!


I hope it works. That would be a nice boost.

I've been an absentee. Not because of the price, 0.12 or 12.00 really makes no difference to me. It's because like so many others, I was mailing it in. I really dislike that behavior in myself. I'm working on it.

Good to see you my friend!

TOMMM!!! Seeing you commenting on my post makes me so happy. I missed your presence on the chain, and I know your absence never has to do with price. Big hugs!

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3 * speaK!NG . ..

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There are quite a few new platforms coming to life in order to not leave all your eggs in the YT basket.

Linus Tech Tips has Floatplane,
Curiosity Stream has Nova,
and Patreon can probably also be named.

Not that they are on blockchains, but not everything needs to.

Competition is great

Most video creators will probably still rely heavily on YouTube to get new customers/fans/visibility.

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Competition is a good thing for sure! I'm definitely interested to see which one(s) come out on top. Although it might be true not everything needs to be on a blockchain, I've recently seen quite a few times how artists that don't even do 'controversial' content have been duped by the big names like YouTube or Paypal or Instagram or eBay, unable to reach their content or even money (!) anymore due to an incomprehensible descision from 'the company'. So I'm definitely seeing more reasons to promote 'going blockchain' more and more and I hope to be able to dedicate some time towards informing artists about the possibilities Steem has for them.

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