YouTube Strikes The X22 Report Spotlight Channel

in youtube •  last year

I received an email from YouTube around 2:30am EST letting me know that I received a strike on my X22 Report Spotlight Channel. The reason I violated the guidelines of YouTube. The email does not say specifically which guidelines. I asked YouTube to do a thorough review of the video.

So it seems the channel has been placed in a penalty box until Sep 2017. I am still waiting to hear from YouTube. If you would liek to listen to the audio of the interview here is the link

Listen to the interview on the X22 Report:
Download the mp3 file:

These are the pictures that went along with the video.








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It's cool that you won't get any strikes here. If you were smart, you would get an account with @bitchute (which is like bitcoin for videos - peer to peer).

Since each user is actually a server, it's faster and there is no censorship. You would do well there just as you are doing well here on Steemit.


Its actually not like bitcoin for videos. It uses torrent technology to decentralize the storage of its' content. It's a great technology and X22/Dave should be over there for sure.

Sandy Hook is such as scam. The actual exercise for the operation took place the day prior on Dec 13 2012 at St Rose of Lima (with the staging area safely down the street at Sandy Hook Elementary and the Sandy Hook Firehouse). What we saw on Dec 14 (phase 2 AKA the real-time evaluation phase) was simply them releasing the day priors exercise elements as if it were a real event happening live (using aspects of the previous days drill as the framework to build off of + the staging area which was left overnight and remained at the school during the evaluation roll-out to help transition the script to a different location the following day (Sandy Hook Elementary)).

Dr Carvers Magnificent Thing (Sandy Hook, late afternoon on Dec 13, 2012)

Ryan Lanza is detained by authorities in Hoboken on Dec. 13, 2012, the day his brother Adam Lanza, 20, is believed to have committed the second worst school shooting in U.S. history in Newtown, Conn. (credit: CBS 2)

Dec 13, 2013 2:26 PM : "Reid Remarks On The Anniversary Of The Newtown School Shooting"

Dec 13 2013: Feinstein Statement on Anniversary of Sandy Hook Shooting

Dec 13, 2013: Pelosi Statement on One-Year Anniversary of the Shooting in Newtown

Taken From Official FBI Website: "Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, Newtown, Connecticut, 12/13/12 Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings Reports, Connecticut State Police"

...and on and on...

Anyways for anyone who cares Sandy Hook was advanced DHS HSEEP training done using a recently retired exercise series called FEMA TOPOFF (annual exercise of the FEMA NLE program). In 2009 the FEMA NLE program (National Level Exercise) was retired and in 2012 transitioned to become the FEMA NEP program (National Exercise Program) and with this the old TOPOFF annual exercise was replaced with FEMA CAPSTONE as its annual exercise series. Sandy Hook was run unofficially using the confusion of the program transition and its switch from TOPOFF to CAPSTONE that year (they used the TOPOFF 2010 script which never ran due to the program being canceled prior to its activation, and used the switch-over to FEMA CAPSTONE 2012 as the official cover).

@x22report - Super ridiculous but not surprising unfortunately. Upvoted and resteemed. Keep up the great work Dave!

it's good you are on steemit already. Hopefully steemit will allow direct video upload soon in the future


I agree


Good idea

YouTube is rapidly becoming a no man's land for anything not approved. Post your videos on and then post them here if you can. isn't as well trafficked but you do what you can to keep your audience.
My condolences... and good luck getting a reason out of those asshats.


BitChute is the future

I imagine that such use of pictures would not draw any complaints on most videos. However, because this one clearly was covering a sensitive topic that people get very offended about, I'm guessing someone(s) flagged your video, causing YouTube to review it and ultimately flag it. I'm sure there are plenty of YT employees that would gladly flag such a video, simply because they disagree.

I don't understand why everyone is so surprised by these kinds of maneuvers. Unlike in the good ol days of YouTube, they now have corporate sponsorship (otherwise known as advertisers) from very powerful media conglomerates who pay big bucks to YT to feature their content. When you steal their audience with a competing and conflicting narrative, your small time ass is going to get bullied and put in your place. It's a turf war (or info war) and so they are not going to let the alternative media get away with pissing on their turf. Unless you stop using their site (which no one is going to do as they have the best format and greatest volume of material) then you will continue to get more of the same. We are just going to have to find, or create alternative means and platforms to communicate our message. The only way we can change them is by hurting their wallet, which we can do with our absence, or by using things like the new Brave Browser which filters out all ads on YouTube, thereby cancelling out their ad revenue. This site called steemit is a good step in that direction, but it is only the beginning. We have to build our own infrastructure to carry our content and not rely on outside sources like YouTube. I am confident this will happen with time because I see very determined people on this site. Viva la steemit!

Tex Was Here.gif

Strike one, you're out. (?) Unfortunately the "Guideline" is that, on certain sensitive issues, THE TRUTH WILL NOT, AND CANNOT BE TOLERATED.

That "mass shooting" took place right in time for the Christmas holidays. Innocent Americans, and people all over the world, opened their checkbooks and gave generously to major corrupt charities.

There was a massive, unprecedented play on raw emotion -- it was a very depressing story designed to fill a nation with horror and loathing.

I rebloged because I hate censorship


Very interesting stuff !!!

upvote and resteem

The NWO is not happy.. Dave is very professional and polite. No hate just facts. Youtube is working for not for the user base but clearly for the NWO, intelligence agencies and who knows who else.. I remember that one video, that was very neutral and just facts.. No threats, no I hate cross gender, no IRS sucks... Clearly, the censorship is in full force.

Youtube is all political now shutting up any voices critical to the establishment. It will kill itself eventually.

Steemit have video hosting?


we could spread it by bit torrent.


The video hosting channels will arrive soon. There are already some out there, but remember Steemit is the only working decentralized network. We all have a lot of work to do before we are all completely free, this is just the first step


From time to time I also get random flags on some of my older vlogs. And all I do is speak my mind while cooking. YouTube is on it's deathbed. The more people discover and use a platform like Steemit, the quicker the beast we all know as YouTube will come to it's knees!

No More Censorship!

How about using vimeo. I am reluctant to put anything up on youtube.

Steemit 1 YouTube 0

With yt if you breath they will strike you....Resteemit!

The other day Alex Jones had an interview with Megan Kelley. Supposedly there was a huge outcry over his views on Sandy Hook with threats to sue. I wonder if that leaked into the YouTube channel?

Thanks Dave, for all you do, I have been watching your viedo's since 180, I guess youtube doesnt like real truth tellers,

yt needs 2 b striked !!

Keep fighting Dave. I will continue to listen to your programs on Steemit.

BoobTube... more trouble than its worth sometimes. Upvoted, resteemed Dave.

Steemit is the new free speech zone. Abandon fascistbook twitter and YouTube.

Keep doing what you doing Dave. We are here to support you.
I am with you

Do not deviate from the official narrative. Fawk them! Resteemed!

X22Report Spotlight is one of my favorites.

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Hi Dave, like always you do a fantastic job on your reports always follow your advice don't give up sooner or later they will fall and then we will be free. Viva la libertad....

Only use YT to get you extra credits, leave it running on low volume , especially with them long adverts , sometimes 4 at a time . Upvoted and reesteemed

@x22report yes the writing is on the wall from youtube, google, and facebook - get your alternatives now, such as bitchute and others
The social media exodus has begun! 👍

Google/You Tube harassment Dave! I no longer use google as a search engine. I am now using duckduckgo instead. Duckduckgo does not track and sell your info. as does google. You broke a rule and they won't tell you which one? This is Stalinist control for the New World Order. They're creeps ! Stand Tall Dave!!!