Steemit Sunday - Episode 1: Converting YouTubers to Steemians!

in youtube •  last year

Welcome everyone to the first episode of Steemit Sunday, a communal effort between @theywillkillyou and myself to try and drive as many of our almost 2 million YouTube subscribers to Steemit and DTube!

Along with this video on DTube, I have posted a trailer on my YouTube channel, talking about Steemit and Dtube and encouraging my viewers to check it out. The plan is to start doing this EVERY SUNDAY, to try and drive as many YouTubers over as we can. The full videos will also remain exclusive to Dtube for at least the first week. To get a better idea, you can check out that promotional trailer here:

Despite the very somber topic of today's video I can't help being in a celebratory mood. Being able to finally make a concrete contribution to growing the Steemit platform feels great after all the help Angelo and I have received so far.

A few people deserve a special mention. It was @alexpmorris who spent 2 hours on a Skypecall with me after just having "met" online. I had little clue about Steemit and he was nice enough to go out of his way and show me the ropes. 2 hours is a massive amount of valuable time for someone to dedicate to a person they don't even know. It came at no cost or commitment what so ever and I am still very grateful to this day.

@aggroed Is the one who relit our Steemit FIRE. His passion is contagious and his intentions are admirable. I'm excited to be on the Minnow Mayor Town Hall with him again tonight!

Then there are people like @teamsteem, @thejohahfiles, @starkerz, @yabapmatt, @acidyo and @heimindanger. These are whales, witnesses and passionate Steemians whose upvotes are massive emotional/monetary driving factors for us and many others. The fact is that this kind of support is literally a game-changer and it would be HUGE if we can eventually transition over from YouTube to Steemit and make more videos like this:

of course while bringing as many of our YouTubers over to the Steemit platform in the process! ;)

For me personally, that would be the end goal: To make many more original productions like the one Angelo and I shot with Pablo Escobar's former hitman Popeye, in Medellin last year. If I am ever lucky enough to make a living off of that then I'll be one happy camper!

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If at least 10% of youtube users will switch to Dtube which is far better then steemit and steem will be really huge!!!


Thats what i star to do. I make account here because i had problems with youtube in past. And i ask my friends check Dtube and start using it :)


sorry i'm newbie here, and i've never heard about Dtube, what's that?
Is it kind of youtube? what's difference?


D.Tube is a video hosting alternative to YouTube that runs on the IPFS blockchain and gets its comments off the STEEM blockchain.
More info here


very true


Alright, I would like to follow Dtube everyday.


Even if they consider bitchute, pewtube, vimeo etc etc as an alternative. Youtube is choking the whole video content sharing and creation market with their overwhelming current market share. Time to increase competition.


yes, the last update with limit 1k sub, kill yt


Yeah it did.. Not only that, but also the 4000 hours a year.. that's 240.000 minutes. No small youtube channel wil ever hit that.

Now is the best time to start doing this even twitch streamers might benefit from this as well as most contents are being destroyed or blocked by youtube now.

I want to switch from YouTube to Steemit and Dtube !

when will #360video content work and be functional in VR mode for viewing in #VirutalReality devices. ?!?

nice that you are bringing others to the community. good luck, I really found this an interesting post keep up the good work

1_2fY_kJH9ceXfT1eh55jerg.pngWill Steemit be the Facebook Killer

D2 will overtake Youtube, but will Steemit overtake Facebook?????


Unfortunately, I don't think so. It can overtake twitter and youtube but would need much more social interaction with people that are actually in your personal network. There the great asset of anonymity is a double-edged sword.


No, facebook may not be

Woah. These ladies were ruthless.

evil women? lol Nooo... there's no such thing... if you let women tell it...lml


And if youve been divorced you know women can destroy a man's soul lol

Is it weird that a video about Hitler's evil women brought me to Dtube?


Nah I think it's an interesting origin story haha

Hey! This video is not what I was expecting. But, while I'm commenting, I might as well note that THIS is literally the origin of the FEMANAZIS! Crazy historic information. Sad.

I love how 95% of the comments obviously didn't watch this video at all lol


What would be nice would be to get Louder with Crowder or Owen Benjamin to at least post in both places. Imagine if Jordan Peterson started uploading his videos!

Good video

A beneficiary / delegating affiliate program would be great. A new youtuber starts a Dtube Channel and the "recruiting" account on the Steem blockchain gets 0.5-1% beneficiary or delegation for content posted by the new account.

I could recruit a few youtubers over, but YT works well enough for them and Dtube would only start up as a place to post not really get too involved in.

This is quite a great idea mate!

How does this have to do with converting Youtubers to Steemit or Dtube?

good your post .i love you,i new steemian from russia

Wonderful news and great work! How do I access town hall? Would like to listen in.

Nw this is what I call innovation. Txns for sharing bro.

Let's do this kid!!!!

Yes. Destroy you tube and facebook.

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good idea . hopefully you are more successful.

This is awesome news!! Youtube is the equivalent of comparing Facebook to should be a no-brainer for anyone still using it. This platform is so inclusive and positive...and as you mentioned so many names here, I'm telling you nothing you don't already know, but all the people I've met here are kind, intelligent, positive, caring and all willing to help out and so excited to be a part of this growing community! As am I...So for the record, I would love to see your content here! Cheers!!

My German Shepard was a Nazi. She would paint our house Aryan Red.... until we got her neutered

Excellent idea man, Congratulations don´t stop and continue do it..

Great post! It would be awesome to get more youtubers on dtube, we have decided to start uploading all our videos to dtube too. If you get a spare chance, check us out! We make gaming/humorous videos :) and if you like give us a follow!

Why am I watching a video about nazis all of the sudden ?

I really feel cheated by YouTube. One of my followers said, try D-tube and Steemit and steem.

So here I am. Still a HUGE noob. But getting there.

DTube has great potential, there are a few improvements to be made and Youtube will be history, like Floppy Disk in 2018, Do you guys even remember A:Floppy? hahaha. Well if DTube grows even more in a few years our children will ask: papa what is youtube?

I have started moving my channel to DTube due to the greed and stupidity of YouTube and their latest change to the partner program. My channel existed since 2009, and I was invited early to be a partner, now suddenly, they are not interested anymore! There are 1000s of small channels like mine in the same situation. We should encourage them to abandon YT and establish their presence here. Do not support the greedy corporations, support decentralised technology like DTube and Steemit that will benefit everyone!

Youtube is now dead to ands its due to that Evil most corrupted CEO of youtube Susan Wojcicki, she is an evil worthless old Witch who is responsible for implementing the advertising friendly guidelines, introducing the heroes program, demonetizing our videos, taking away freedom of speech and taking away monetization from small content creators and that was the final straw. She needs to step down. I'm glad I joined DTube to get away from youtube's stupid restrictions fuck youtube.


The same feelings. If you are small and have only 200 followers you will never start earning any $ in youtube.

By following this you can help notice the platform more! Thanks for this awesome contribution to the ecosystem! If all youtubers did this we will have a HUGE platform in 2020

Converting what is on database to blockchain is very tough job.Hats off to Dtube..

Is 480p the only option as resolution video????????


I'm sure it's not. I'm sure they have higer.

Nice ! i am new youtuber on d.Tube ! :D

Very good initiative, it would be good that everyone who has their videos on YouTube do the same because with the recent changes and limitations that YouTube made so you can start monetizing have simply hurt all those who were interested (and I included myself) in upload videos, here in Dtube from the first upvote you are generating an income and without so much politics and limitations that only benefit the veterans of youtube.

I will follow your videos @world5list

eyy that's nice!! I always try to get youtubers to join dtube in their comments. Too bad no one listens. I guess a "you can earn money there" sounds too scamy, even if I say that it's not a scam just google it.

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very encouraging post...Thanks...upvoted and resteemed