Dtube vs Youtube | Why we switched to Dtube and what Youtube did to us

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In this Video, we explain to you guys why we switched from youtube to Dtube/Steemit and why we feel so much happier and much more respected in the Dtube/Steemit Comunity!
Waste your life & Join the Adventure!


We are Mat & Sophie. A Kiwi & a German!
Life enthusiasts. Freedom Seekers. Backpackers.
Living a free, simple & pure life.
We have been traveling the world for more than 3 Years now.
We want to find excitement in everyday by doing what we love.
To some we are wasting our lives by traveling instead of focusing on a career or doing the norm.
But we proudly embrace the title 'Life Waster' and we want to share our story with all the other Life Wasters out there!
As long as we can find a solid connection we will be posting daily vlogs.
Big plans are ahead of us so join the journey and follow us as we take on the globe.
Subscribe and dont miss a thing.
Mat & Sophie
PS: If a chocolate producer would like to sponsor us, please contact us

▶️ DTube

Hey! looking forward to see your fresh dtube content

Hi @dtube. I left you a message recently about videos disappearing from my account content page. Just wondering if you could possibly check into it as it may be a bug in the system. I was planning to use the archive as a resource for important geopolitical videos related to war crimes, but I uploaded 45 videos thus far and the library now shows only 15. Hopefully, you can take a look into it and see whats up. The vids show in my Steemit stream, just not on my Dtube content page. Thanks, any help is kindly appreciated.

Oh Wow didnt expect that at all. thank you soo much!
We were so surpised to see your comment
We have had nothing but love here and cant wait to get to know the community better ❤❤

youtube is dead

Hey nice profile pic mark1989, I’m thinking of investing in BAT ( I say this as I’m using the brave browser lol)

steemit platform is the way forward

Great video! We are considering switching too :)

Everyone here is so awesome and its fun making videos for this platform

youtube went full retard. good luck to you on dtube :)

Yeah was an interesting experience for sure. Thank you for the luck 🍀

Great to see you here. Bring your friends. I love your positive energy!

Thank you so much
We really appreciate the community here

Hey @wastedlife , u received 100% upvote from @gangas . Awesome video , keep it up !

Thank you so much ❤

Hope it will bring you wealth

Upvoted, resteemed and following

Wow thank you so much!

Congrats to you for following your dreams no matter what! This platform is indeed a fantastic instrument to help you achieve your financial independence and other goals. Glad that you see Steem for what it is.

We agree with you on that and cant wait to get really involved with the steem community

Youtube definitely screwed a lot of people over these past few months. People will be flocking here soon enough!

We hope so!!

With YouTube demonetizing small channel because of that douche Logan Paul, people will surely migrate to Steemit/DTube

The idea behind Dtube is awesome and it sure will be the future, but I think it`s still a bit slow.

Thats true, hopefully it starts growing faster very soon:)

Totally agree with you guys - rip it up and start again!

Really cant stop when these road blocks happen. Lucky we found dtube :)

No way!! that is crazy. YouTube has lost their way. hurrray for sensorship resistance!

We totally agree!

YouTube is a peice of crap TBH. early last year, YouTube suspended my gaming channel when I did nothing wrong, no copyright strikes, no community guideline strikes, suspended. YouTube does nothing but screw over their creators, demonetizing the large YouTuber's videos for no reason, making it harder for the smaller channels to monetize. I am glad Dtube was born.

Sounds like we are in the same boat. Hope all goes well for you over here :)

DTube is the best
read my article on what i think about YouTube's new changes
and why i don't like them at all.
and be sure to upvote, follow i follow back ;)
i also upvoted this post. :D

I saw you posted a video on youtube yesterday

sorry, double post

We still have a following on youtube thats growing so we upload our videos on there also. Same as many people on dtube that have youtube accounts.
But we are creating some content just for dtube. We worked so hard for our following so wouldnt make sense to drop one for another while its still growing. But we love dtube

Thank you so much Kevin ❤

I've tried over and over to upload videos on Dtube with no success. For some reason everything uploads fine, but when I go to submit the video it just sits there. I've tried other browsers and it still does not work. How do you guys do it?

We sometines have this problem. Which works for us is to compress the video and thumnail as much as possible (without dropping the quality too much) and that helps. Also another thing that helps is try to upload on a fast internet connection and stop anything else running in the background.
Let us know if that helps you :)

Great video! I was torn between YouTube and DTube at first and then thought about how hard it would be to get monetized with YouTube now. I make money with DTube right away so I went for it!

They become forgotten without us they will not get a single video, I think YouTube assumes we are a burden, but all this time we are lightening their burden😂

Its a absolute gind ti get anything out of youtube. Kinda makes it fun but not many want to spend hours and hours each day for no return. And it was hard to hang in there at times for sure

Think youtube is more than valuable dtube .
happy steeming

dtube Is a dream.Good luck to allSTEMMIT.png

YouTube can be a great site because there are me, you and all of us, but they suddenly become very selfish with 1000 subcribe in a very short time, many are leaving them.

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Amazing. Everybody should do the same!

We hope they do :)
Going to be talking to our youtube friends about this platform for sure

that's weird, I saw that you posted a video on youtube yesterday

Already your fan

That make us so happy to hear 😀

Did you maybe visit Germany and report about your views on this islamic country? You could be NetzDG-ed because Germany is beocming the world leader in censorship.

Hahaha.. Great Post Bro!!!

Thanks mate :)

You Guys are cool and starting Tomorrow new YT rules start and small channels will be hit Big Time . I will be uploading soon and like you I like what I see . Thanks - Also First 65 or Older

Yeah the new rules keep rolling out. Many just have to try keep their head above water. But this will stop a lot of smaller channels im sure

To hell with youtube,, it's getting somewhere better and paradise us,,that's my belove DTube

Haha so true

Welcome to steemit and Dtube. You've got my upvote. It's sad sometimes that you had to go through what you did with YouTube, yet, it turned out for the best. You two are two sparkplugs and you will do very well in the steemit community.

Thank you so much
Wasnt a fun ride with youtube.
We hope @steemit and @dtube continues to grow

Another awesome video, I myself find I'm spending more time on #Steemit, #DTube then facebook or youtube it's there funural

😀we hope it keeps growing!

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