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I have been watching youtube for a while now. Im not sure how long but long enough to start to notice some things.

One of the things that I never really understood was how come people tale the advice of people on youtube soooo seriously? Its like If they look something up on there that is of opinion, if thier favortie youtuber makes a position on it the they will take it to heart as truth. Youtubers are human just like me you and everyone else. Its almost like youtube is the new tv programming. One of the reasons that I stopped watching tv was because I didn't want to be programmed. I wanted to watch and put into my brain what I wanted to have there.


Im not saying do not watch videos online etc but I just had to rant about how people take these things so serious. Then you have the challenges. Really? You see someone do a challenge online and boom now its a must you do it. If that is not programming then I don't know what is. The movment of society is starting to turn into a place that just follows what happens online. Its like some kinda marketing scheme. There is no way that i am the only one that has taken notice.


Youtube can make or break a idea or company or person all because if a person on youtube has a huge following then those that follow them will take there word as law. Listen but have your own idea of a topic. Online can be a great place to learn and entertain but dont let it program you. It will be interesting to see where youtube and online media is in 3 years. I also want to see how youtube will adjust to the new monitization rules they have in place etc. Its almost like they may or may not have put a nail in their own coffin.


Thank you for taking the time to view and read and please consider upvoting my post, following me, and leaving a comment. I look forward to meeting and speaking with you all. The steemit community means alot to me and I without doubt look forward to creating daily content that I can share with you all.

Respectfully as always


I do agree with you. Im not a You tuber but recently im starting to see alot of drama between big You Tubers . Nice post.

i agree,.. my youtube channel was about just me and my life,.. some of the weird things i did and came across throughout my 9 years of youtube videos, if your interested,.. you got an upvote from me and heck even a new follower, i havent had much of my youtube demonetized, luckily for me, although i have had a couple things give me some trouble in my nine years, but i was able to either ignore it because it was of little consequence, or it was a justified rating, but most of my content is real and of my own creation
i appreciate your content here, truce out!

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