Negative Effects of Climate Change: Was Donald Trump Right in His Decision?

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June 1st, 2017: U.S. President Donald Trump announces America’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement (an agreement made among the world’s leaders in regards to solving the problem of climate change by mitigating greenhouse gases), as withdrawal would be in line with his “America First” policy. He states that the Agreement would “cost the United States $3 trillion…and 6.5 million lost jobs.” As a result, the world is now lashing out at President Trump’s decision.


But what exactly are the adverse effects of climate change and how will the U.S.’s withdrawal affect not only society, but the world as a whole? Today we'll look at some negative effects of climate and their immediate repercussions.

Animal Extinction
Looking past humans, climate change has as much, if not, more of an immediate effect on the animal kingdom. Many species are struggling to survive and adapt to the Earth’s ever-changing landscape. For example, the melting of polar ice during the summer months has led to polar bears CANNIBALIZING THEIR OWN CUBS in a desperate effort to stay alive! Additionally, a species of frog native to Costa Rica called the golden toad is now completely extinct. Experts believe that this is due to the planet’s rising temperatures. Golden toads are known to mate in wet conditions...but rising temperatures have caused repeated dry seasons, which ultimately led to the species’s demise.


Insufficient Energy to Meet Demands
Lately society has been experiencing a deadly, never-ending heat production cycle that’s been spiraling out of control. With the climate getting warmer and warmer every year, there has been an increase in demand for cooling (i.e., refrigerators, air conditioning units, etc.). But these cooling units require a lot of energy to operate; energy that’s produced by emitting large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. This increase in CO2, in turn, heats up the environment even further, sparking an even higher demand for cooling units, and so on and so forth.


Knowing this (while at the same time, taking into consideration his concerns about the U.S. economy), do you believe President Trump was right in his decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement? Keep in mind, these are just TWO examples in which climate change has negatively impacted our planet. Learn more about these two effects in particular—along the SIX OTHERS—by checking out my video below:

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I think Donald Trump should not withdraw the Patis agreement because the CO2 consumption will be increased and the problem of global warming will be worsen. I hope he can consider the environmental impact to the world and not just focus on the economic development.And it will be good if he can find alternatives for this problem.


I 100% agree :)

I'm a 100% behind the president of this one. Climate Change is one of the biggest hoax's of the modern era. The Paris climate agreement only allows america to be short changed while India and China are allowed to increase their pollution over the next 20 years. I'm for protecting the environment but man made climate change isn't a real issue.


Very interesting take...I'll have to do more research on this angle as I'm very curious now!

It's an all around bad decision. Being a biologist, I could go all day talking about the negative effects of climate change on animals and ourselves (I've posted about it plenty of times before). But even if you wanted to argue that it's good for our economy, that just doesn't hold up. It may save a minimal amount of money in the immediate future, but it's going to be an expensive mistake as other nations continue towards using renewable resources like wind, solar and geothermal while we are still spending millions trying to squeeze out the last drops of crude oil. Switching over to these other forms of energy would naturally lower our emissions while also saving a tremendous amount of money in the long run.

I remain optimistic though; it takes 4 years to leave the agreement, but only 30 days to rejoin. As long as anyone else wins the next election, I believe we will rejoin the global initiative.


Well put. It surprises me how more funding hasn't been allocated towards harnessing these renewable resources; it only makes the most sense from both an economic & environmental perspective.

Btw maybe science or politics are better main tags


I did include both of those as well ;)

Maybe various groups can get together to solve the clean energy problem... personally I'm pro thorium. Blockchain included.


Interesting take!


The skinny version for anyone new to the thorium LTFR scene...

Im a nature lover and Im against that decision.. But I hope he finds alternatives to help lessen the carbon consumption.


The current alternatives are solar power & wind power, the latter of which is (from what I've been informed) pretty difficult to harness & contain. Hydro-electric power was another alternative solution, although this is expected to fall behind since global warming has caused a huge decrease in river water levels.

Great work my dear


Thank you for your kind words :)

theywillkillyou, the national response to Trump on Climate Change has been good. 100 Cities, many states, many companies and individuals are moving forward with their support of climate change. For me, looking for my first use Tesla and perhaps Tesla Solar Roof Tiles for my next home. I hear Musk sold out his entire 2018 inventory for Solar Tiles....

Politics: It seems like an economy first for trump. Not surprising because he's a businessman - rather linear. Also not necessary this withdrawal decision will help in US's economy. Because if they are in this agreement, there will be far more research efforts and environmental Technologies and that means innovations and ip- which of course takes time

Environment: In terms of environment efforts, it should be a collective agenda. Since US has withdrew, it is clear that no money will be coming from US to underdeveloped countries who are experiencing the negative effects of climate change. So the world will be looking to other Super powers such as china and Europe. Trump needs a PR professional


Politics: you're definitely on point with this & I couldn't agree more with you...well said :)

Environment: I do understand his concerns for America first & respect him for staying true to his word/political agenda. But I also believe that the lack of participation in the Agreement is unjust, as the U.S. ranks in the top 2 countries in the world responsible for emitting the most carbon dioxide into the atmosphere (the other being China). He stated that "the Paris accord is very unfair at the highest level to the United States," with concerns to the economy...but the agreement lacks any sort of enforcement agreements or firm commitments. That said, his argument of the Agreement being detrimental to the U.S. holds no validity due to the fact that each & every country must create their own arbitrary plans on how to mitigate global warming; meaning the U.S. has the flexibility of creating plans to help the environment in way that wouldn't hurt the economy (or would do less damage than he predicts). Also, I agree with you too :)

climate change is not man made.

Paris Accord was not about Climate Change, it was all about wealth redistribution. Gates and Jobs didn't need the government to become I.T. geniuses!