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Hello, good people of and Steem. We are getting back to our bi-weekly q&a content. This week, our main question was about the difficulties of running a YouTube channel. I think it's a bit funny since we are almost ready to leave YouTube for D.Tube. What does everyone think. Is D.Tube going to ever be big enough to attract the masses? I'm thinking so, in time.

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Just out of curiosity... is there any reason to need to leave youtube for dtube? Can't you just post on both platforms, hell... even facebook and double/triple monetize across a variety of platforms?


YouTube demonitizes faster as in decides that the video is not advertiser friendly, especially if the host swears...


Even if it decides to demonetize. It takes minutes to upload a video to Youtube or any other platform for that matter. I don't see there being a problem with trying to monetize on another platform once a video is created.

The only situation I see it being pointless trying to upload to youtube is if you're videos are always controversial in nature, contain swearing, and are a sure fire bet that they will be demonetized.


I think they will continue to use Youtube. They just don't want to keep all their eggs in the one basket, especially when that particular basket is full of holes that seem to be getting bigger and bigger as time goes on.
This way they can do whatever they want and if Youtube screws them over it's not going to be a big deal.

wow, dtube for the upvote. nice that's why I love some dtube

Hopeful D tube grows bigger then youtube because google get 95 percent of the add money and you only get 5 percent but with D tube you get 100 percent thx for reading make sure to upvote and follow me
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Please get your facts correct @fabiannz. YouTube Pays to creators much more than your so called 5%

Resteemed! Decentralization is the future, and early adopters like you will eventually be found to be people ahead of their time! Best of luck!

There are so many Youtubers right now getting their video demonetized that it seems like an imminent migration is about to happen from Youtube to Dtube. People will soon realize that the potential growth of Dtube is VERY high right now, and so I think everyone using it right is an early adopter. Thank you for the great video also!


Hell yeah. The issue we were having is that YT was forcing us to censor ourselves... I really lost a lot of passion when YT started parenting us all. Even then, they were STILL demonetizing our content for not being "family friendly"... So, we would have to submit it for manual review. During that time, YT would not share our video or put it in the related feed. So, hits would tank and even many of our subs wouldn't know we had uploaded a video. It's a mess. Long live

I'll be coming back to see what else you're getting into, looking forward to some of your content Logan!

Man i cant even upload a single video...

Too much work ....

Love your videos Logan!
You are one of the first bigger youtubers to transistion to Dtube.
I love it!

I Absolutely Love the fact that People start Realising that DTube is going Forward, and I'm very Excited to see more and more YouTubers slowly switching over. I can't wait for the day where DTube will become the Ultimate Video Platform and I hope You Guys are with me on this XD

This site looks interesting.

Hello there. You have created an explanatory video about YouTube channels. you have clarified the issues I was wondering. thank you.

It's great seeing more big former youtubers make their way to dtube!
This should bring more people over to the dtube platform.

w00, more good content for DTube.

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Good, and thanks



You know you've watched tons of tech youtubers when you recognize people when you move to new platforms. Cheers!

i really wouldnt mind if there are no more hardware reviews comming from you. that is oversaturated anyways and most of it isnt very original. just keep doing what you are doing.
my only wish would be that you, at some point, revisit the old gaming headset/dac content. that made me really value audio quality on the pc for gaming or just listening to music.

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Keep up the good work! DTube is the future!

Great to see you on here, testing a new frontier. Dtube has improved an awful lot and is a much more open platform than Google dictatorship. The line in the sand for me was when they demonitized my tiny channel. Wish you all the best!

excellent, very good and useful

It's awesome you're on Dtube now :)

Hi there . Thanks for introducing me to Dtube i did not it exists.

Yus! Welcome to Steemit! I think I'm going to have to create an new account here for separating all my tech stuff from the rest, like I did on Youtube.

10:29 . I think tron has a lot of potential in 2018. Buy the FUD they always say. And the project has a road map into 2024.

Hey Logan, happy to finally have my Steemit account up! Hoping this is the platform to be at! I've been wanting to create content for a while and started streaming games on twitch in summer 2017. Glad to see you're uploading here.

Good to see you guys over here! Nice to see one of the youtube channels I watch is here. One less tie to youtube!

I like the channel. Maybe a topic for a future video could be more info covering what you are mining and why you chose them.

Super thrilled to see you on DTube. Just found out about it because of you guys & Joker Productions. Now just need to figure out how all this works exactly ...

useful sharing