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If there was any doubt that YouTube is against cryptocurreny, the Bitcoin halving livestream that was put together by Cointelegraph was stopped midstream.

In fact, it was close to being completed when the stream went down.

What was recorded of the stream was also deleted.

This is becoming a trend we are seeing all too often. It is getting to the point that anyone involved in crypto not using the blockchain based platforms is simply feeding the beast, leaving aside putting oneself at risk of being censored.

What was the reason for this? While it is speculation, you have to love YouTube's reasoning.

Our experience of being canceled by YouTube is one with far more questions than answers. Because YouTube’s practices on this stuff are more opaque than transparent, we were just as surprised as the rest of our audience when the livestream cut out. The specific reason given for terminating the video feed is that our blockhalving coverage was “harmful or dangerous content” that violated YouTube’s community policy.

It is an incredible opportunity for Web 3.0 applications to take some of the viewership away from YouTube. Not that the video giant cares. but we need to start ensuring we take care of our own.

Feeding Google is only giving them more power as the folks at Cointelegraph found out.

The Web 2.0 applications are doing all they can to push anything related to cryptocurrency and blockchain off the grid.

Hopefully the crypto community sees the situation and the applications are upgraded to accommodate those who are being displaced.

The market is there, the blockchain projects just need to step in and take charge.


Hmmmm. Everything outside the mainstream is now getting attacked.

We need to remain positive. :)

YouTube is against crypto your right my friend

We already have crypto versions of youtube and twitch. Why are we still using centralized entities that are clearly enemies of decentralization?

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