YouTube Monetization Compared To Everything Else

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It took me three years to get monetized on YouTube and earned $13.87 during my first month in October. While this is a great start, it’s very little compared to many crypto social platforms alternatives that let you start earning from day one.

While I have a small YouTube audience, across all the platforms I use, I have just under 100k followers. The many platforms I use earn me anywhere from $500-1800 a month depending on how often I am posting. This is a nearly livable wage for many people and could make a huge difference. Again, you also don’t have to go through years of making nothing to get there. I can say firsthand, that it is fairly discouraging, but I do this because I enjoy which has to always come first.

The point here is that you don’t have to be a popular YouTuber to make money and even if you are a popular YouTuber or content creator, you may be denying yourself free cryptocurrency earnings that you could easily take advantage of. On top of that, by utilizing blockchain platforms that are censorship-resistant, you can ensure you have backup channels for your content in case something were to ever happen to your YouTube channel.

Some great examples of platforms to use instead of YouTube that also earns you cryptocurrency are ThreeSpeak on Hive and LBRY. I also encourage you to check out Publish0x and Read.Cash for earning crypto by blogging. I also embed my LBRY videos on these platforms.

I compare my YouTube earnings to my September earnings in this video. In September I made $482.17 CAD worth of cryptocurrency from 8 platforms I used. I will be sharing my October update soon.
I also set up my new angle and I really like it. Let me know what you think of the new lighting and layout. In my next video, you will see the backdrop I have finished setting up. Thank you for enduring my bad lighting for all these years!

When you make hundreds of videos and YouTube won’t let you monetize, they are telling you that you are not providing value and thus not receiving any so people get discouraged. Alternative crypto platforms let you monetize from day one and affirm that your content does have value and that you deserve compensation for your efforts.

Do you think YouTube is necessary for content creators? Where do you monetize your content? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe as well!


congrats on getting monetized! I stopped making any effort on the Tube after first being denied the ability to live stream because they needed 24 hour notice, then they changed the requirement of 1000 subs.
Last time I checked, I think I have 54.
YouTube has become so anti first amendment, hopefully this will change once this election is behind us, but it could get worse.
Anyhow, I will check out your channel!!

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