What people thinks about IOST 30 January 2019

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Here you can see the latest 10 twitts about IOST


2019-01-30 15:14:45

RT @IOStoken: #IOST Election Update: Day 4 Rankings

First candidate over 100M votes! Still plenty of time to get involved and earn 25% AR…


2019-01-30 15:14:38

RT @IOStoken: IOSTGame took time from their busy schedule to answer questions from #IOST team about their company & vision, election, & pla…


2019-01-30 15:14:30

RT @terrence_iost: #IOST Mainnet Node Election is now in full swing but that doesn't mean any slow down on #dev progress! Check out our #te


2019-01-30 15:14:16

RT @IOStoken: Welcome @eosvenezuela to the #IOST ecosystem!
IOST Venezuela is working towards a modern economy in Venezuela and Latin Amer…


2019-01-30 15:14:09

RT @IOStoken: Another busy 2 weeks for #IOST and a great start to 2019! $IOST election voting, non-technical nodes, Reddit AMA, tech update…


2019-01-30 15:13:56

RT @terrence_iost: Check out the update for the seventh week of #IOST's Developer #Bounty Program.
Great progress made and we are still acc…


2019-01-30 15:13:48

RT @IOStoken: Great video from @icoalert - first #Roundable for 2019! 📺

Covering the million dollar #EOS bet, Kobe Bryant at niTRON, #pix


2019-01-30 15:13:31

RT @IOStoken: Reddit AMA with $IOST CEO, @jimmyzhong_iost , in roughly one hour! Today at 6PM PT (GMT -08:00). This is your chance to ask…


2019-01-30 15:13:20

RT @IOStoken: Welcoming #IOST Korea Node powered by #ICO Today to the IOST community as another node candidate.

A leading #Korea #blockcha


2019-01-30 15:12:59

RT @IOStoken: Calling all #blockchain #geeks, #programmers and #cryptoheads!

Want to earn $ while reviewing code? Inviting #devs to review…

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