YouTube Break-up Letter

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Dear Youtube

I received your breakup letter. This may come as quite a shock, but I've been over you for some time. I'm seeing other media platforms, and they let me be who I am. They don't shut down my friends and steal their income, and they aren't pawns for the New World Order. Also, your dad Google creeps me out and is always watching me, and it makes me uncomfortable. Its been nice knowing you, but you are a kind of a douche, and have an overinflated sense of self-importance.

I knew there was something fishy about you when I first released the video for my song "Liberty."

The video was going viral and as soon as it hit 50,000 views, the next day it had 48,000 views. Then the views all but stopped. This was not surprising as I was being censored and shut out of mainstream music on several fronts for my support of then presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul and my stance on, well, pretty much every political issue.

I've seen you wipe out the accounts and livelihoods of many of my friends and colleagues over the years, clearly biased against libertarian/anarchist/anti-establishment/anti-war views in the most obvious ways. I've seen you single out and censor content creators whose views you found to be controversial or alternative and de-monetize them, thus punishing them for their opinion. You were supposed to be a platform for creativity and free speech. How disappointing. There are so many alternatives to your service now that when I received this letter from you, it didn't surprise me one bit that I have not been devoting much time or energy into my youtube channel, which put me on your hit list.

Your timing was nothing short of legendary, as I had literally just started up with D Tube not 5 minutes earlier, and then received this message:

youtube sucks.jpg

The Crypto Cosmic Awareness has spoken once again and said "Begone YouTube! Steemit and D Tube are much more worthwhile enterprises in which to devote one's time and content!"

In closing, I wish you well...


Jordan Page


Your music always gets me in the feels. Live long and prosper.

thanks my friend, may the force be with you...just don't initiate force. ;-)

Ron Paul is such a bastion of common sense of civility.

I've read of so many people getting these messages of demonetization today. You're right, they couldn't have come at a better time. I mean, come on - how can they take the moral high ground of "safeguarding" their platform from a political song when sexualized shit like this gets to rack in revenue from six million views?

Im in the steemit community now brother! Hopefully you get back to kentucky soon. Take care brother.

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