Can you Flip Houses with no Money?

in #youtube5 years ago

There are advertisements all over the internet for flipping houses with no money. Most of these programs are for wholesaling not flipping. To flip a house takes time, money, experience, and hard work. Wholesaling may take less money but you still need money to wholesale as well. I created a new video yesterday that talks about wholesaling or flipping with money and if it is possible.


I have had a number of people approach me for one. I have done skype interviews with HGTV but nothing came of it. I am not too disspaointed. I hear they pay almost nothing and love to drmatize everything. Plus it takes a ton of time.

Seems strange. I wonder why they didn't pick you. Aren't you the #1 real estate guy on social media? Seems like the big stars would get paid decent.
I signed you up for a little bit of @dustsweeper.

I'm glad someone with experience is sharing real answers.

Nothing in this world is free. I never believed those ads.

Too much risk for me. First I need my own home then I can consider owning property for the sake of investment.

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